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Archive for February 7, 2017

Satan’s sadists

directorsgmv5bmtaxmdi2mte1mdveqtjeqwpwz15bbwu3mdg1njy4mte-_v1_uy268_cr20182268_al_I admit curiosity about seeing this very early work from Clark. He insists his later film “Skinheads” is partially based on this one. I can see where the similarities lie – we have a couple bad guys chasing our hero and ingenue into the desert to keep them from going to the police about a murder. I can see how it crept in there if Graydon Clark was still in the mindset of this movie.

A hitchhiker encounter a husband and wife and he taken them just picked up at a cafe and everything goes bad – with the husband and wife dead, and the hitchhiker escaping the cafe with the waitress (Clark’s future wife) and trying to avoid the gang in the mountains (as opposed to the forest from skinheads). Our hero is a lot more proactive than the male lead in skinheads, where as our Ingenue is a classic damsel in distress. The movie has a very grind house feel to it, that gritty 70’s look overlaid on an old print. I like it, it’s fun – but you can also see there is no money here, and the action is stripped bare. The amount of rape is a another issue for me – I know, it’s a trigger for me… And it seems like it’s only included for the sake of getting some nudity into this film. That’s an insufficient reason in my opinion. I can see this is only a maybe – if you come across it on YouTube or at a film festival and have time to kill… I wouldn’t go out of my way to avoid it, but I also wouldn’t go out of my way to try and find it. It’s merely okay, and that only if you’re a fan of a certain kind of film.