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Curse of the fly

Movie banner220px-Curseofthefly.jpgWait a minute, there is a third movie in the fly series? You’re kidding me right?

Yes and no, you see, Curse of the Fly, while a direct sequel chronologically, is more of a sidequel cinematically… That is to say if you’re coming to this film hoping to see a half man half fly monster, you’re going to be disappointed. If on the other hand, you simply want to spend some more time in the genre – in this world, then you might actually dig this.

That’s the real burden this movie has to bear – it’s the perfect no-win scenario. It wants to capitalize on the name recognition, but does so without carrying any actors over, and gets penalized for being an intelligent progression of the storyline. In Curse of the Fly, the next generation are still trying to make the teleports work. There are some success here, but it’s plagued with sporadic failures…  failures that result in horrific mutations. The scientists; brothers and descendants from curse2our original Fly, disagree – one of the brothers wants out to persue his new love… a young woman who recently escaped from an insane asylum. But will she still love him when she discovers the corrals inhabited by the mutated failures of his terrible experiments?

Curse of the Fly is a smart story, and an interesting examination of what makes us human. In that way it fits in perfectly with this series but never quite feels like the sort of movie Return of the Fly was. That causes a problem – because this film can’t stand on its own. It absolutely requires the mythology of the previous movies, while placing a song trail in a very different direction. it’s the sort of movie I could only see myself watching as v1.bjsxNzEwNjI7ajsxNzI4MTsxMjAwOzE2MDA7ODAwpart of a fly marathon, or perhaps on a late night horror host program.

I don’t have a great deal more to say about curse of the fly, it’s definitely worth a watch but not when you’re going into – this will probably only interest completist’s, and fans of the series itself.

I should really tackle the remakes now shouldn’t I?


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