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Archive for April 17, 2017

Rabid rage

boxftdindexThis film would be easy to put in a box – standard low-budget zombie fair but it kind of deserves better than that. It’s easy to dismiss it as another shot on tape, micro budget zombie flick – with credits crafted using the latest Windows movie maker plug-in and the trendiest fonts they could find from the free download sites on the internet. It really makes me want to dismiss it, but there IS a story in here somewhere, and it’s a genuinely good idea.

Two couples accompany their friend out to the lake, where they’re planning one last great weekend before he goes in therapy (No one seems to optimistic about his cancer). Army people in that same words, and one of them doesn’t look too well. One of the army men is affected, and discovers a cancer patient infecting him as well.

The clever thing is that while this is a great virus film it’s not a zombie virus. It doesn’t kill you, at least not right away down the range text over in trigger situations, and those bits of rage become more and more frequent. It’s a conciet that works extremely well for a micro budget production with fairly amateur actors stomping around a wooded area. It’s the sort of idea I genuinely like to see developed further and picked up by somebody who can give it a better production than it’s got. The script is smart enough to give include a bit of a twist ending and I honestly left the film feeling pretty satisfied. I’d have been completely okay buying this movie at a convention or at the discount bin – it’s definitely worth the time to watch. Despite the rocky start is more here than meets the eye.