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Revolt of the Zombies

boxdwrevolt-of-the-zombies-poster-1Revolt of the Zombies starts off strong with the idea of reanimating the undead to fight in war with Ghastly results. It’s footage I’ve seen before on collections like Zacherly’s Horrible Horror – zombie soldiers being shot and not stopping, even as bullet holes appear on their chests.

The problem is, once you get past the made-for-the-trailer scense in teh beginning the film actually slows down to a dragging pace as we explore the origins of the zombie and how to create them. There’s an interesting attempt to kind of connect it with the classic White Zombie, but even that feels forced and over the heads of the audience.

This one’s better if you just catch some clips of it. Watch it in the background once perhaps and just skip to the good stuff.

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