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Franchise Focus

A couple years ago I saw Psycho for the first time. My immediate reaction was to go and hunt down all of the sequels (there are four by the way.Would you have guessed that? ). Last year I did the same thing with the Fly… I saw the film for the first time up at the Capitol and then hunted down all of the sequels and remakes. I had enough fun with both of these that it seemed like something I should do more of, and a great excuse to finally get out and watch some of the classics that I’ve always seem to miss. As a result, we’re doing a new feature this year called franchise focus. I’m attempting to catch some of these films that I really should’ve watched a long time ago but just never got to… particularly some of these with long franchise histories – long inexplicable franchise histories. Things as unlikely as Prom Night, Children of the Corn, Night of the Demons, and maybe a few unexpected entries like Black Cobra and Fast and Furious.

I’m actually kind of excited about these, so stick with me and I will see you on the other side of this!



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