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Zombie Kid Diaries

best582c87876946c135e8648ae6b2eff00d._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The title really tells you everything you need to know about the series​. It is exactly what it says it is – it is a zombie kids diary. This little boy had aspirations of being a professional video gamer before he got bitten by a zombie and infected. He still wants to be a gamer, but now has to contend with some of the inconveniences of being a zombie. Things like growing claws unexpectedly, or having a hard time concentrating on people in front of him talking to him when he’s hungry and they smell like chocolate cake to him. A lot of the story is very standard kids stuff – school, games, talking about his mother’s job, but it all a little bit different now because of course our young man is a zombie.

It’s a great all ages title, very much a spoof on things like diary of a wimpy kid and I highly recommend it for your little ones – stuff like this is great as gateway fare to raise proper monster kids.



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