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Archive for April 19, 2018

Children of the Corn 2

franchisebanner The story is of a reporter and his son investigating the Gatlin massacre while the neighboring town attempts to integrate the children who survived into their communities. There’s a great deal of this from the perspective of the reporters son – giving us a dash of youth appeal in what might otherwise be a little too similar, carbon copy of the previous film.

I have to admit, our new preacher kid and henchman – the standins for Malachi are not nearly as charismatic or interesting as our leads from the previous film, but it  shows what is really the thread here.

Like a zombie movie, the threat in children of the corn is the sheer numbers.  It’s a mass of characters hunting the individuals and the strength in thier numbers.  The fact that it’s a horde, rather than one or two individual monsters really ups the creepy kid factor and shows where the strength of the series is.  Curiously enough, we abandon that premise in the next sequel… but for now, children of the corn 2 is a fun watch – definitely a cable or video store kind of movie.  It’s not something to necessarily be sought out but you don’t want to turn off if it’s playing in the background.