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Children of the Corn 3 : Urban Harvest


This right here may be where the Children of the Corn series goes off the rails. Still, it’s inclusion in this box set was one of the selling points for me – it was one of these films I didn’t have on DVD….and I can’t imagine why I’d need any special features so it was worth the two dollar price of admission, and serves as both a box set project entry and a franchise focus review!

From IMDB : “Two brothers, formerly of the murderous children’s cult of Gatlin Nebraska, are taken to Chicago by an unwitting couple.”

I mentioned in my review of CotC2 that the real threat with these movies is just HOW MANY of these creepy kids there are. It’s like a zombie movie…individually, you can handle this stuff, but with a dozen or two of these little creepers advancing out of the cornfields and in your direction, clutching sharp and hideous farming implements….that’s some scary stuff right there.

This one kind of chucks all of that in exchange for a story about couple of country kids in the city.

Seriously, this is basically Breaking Amish gone horribly wrong. The fish out of water concept was already stale when we left the 80’s and it was downright rotten by the time we got to this film- it was 1995 and a lot of franchises were really running out of steam (it was just a bad time for horror, and dimension was particularly bad to it’s franchises…). We get an interesting juxtaposition between the brothers, one who wants to assimilate as opposed to the younger one who is fastidious in his devotion to he who walks behind the sheathes. We toss in a completely out-of-place bit of corporate intrigue mixed with ma


gic corn seeds…It climaxes  bizarrely, a cornfield in the suburbs, and a giant rubber monster (at least it’s not CGI) rampaging and wreaking vengeance on the community. This is one of those where you get all the best parts in the trailer – watch this and save yourself the ordeal of watching this full film. Here’s hoping part four will be better.



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