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Days of the Dead Indy 2018

Conman36114282_1980663205311426_3951822988420055040_nI’ve always said that the advantage Days of the Dead has over a lot of other conventions is the emphasis on programming – they’re not interested in just taking your money and letting you go shopping, they put on a show. There’s always more than one thing going on at once, and I decided this year to check out some of the events that I’ve never been to before.

Mind you, I still jumped in line to meet Ernie Hudson and chat with Ted Raimi… I’d passed on Ray Wise at the DotD show in Chicago because quite frankly, the joint was just too crowded and I was short on time that day. I made sure to remedy that oversight this time around as well as stopping by Danny Lloyds table. The Shining is an old favourite of mine and I can’t believe I haven’t started on poster for this sooner.

While Hudson and the cast from Nightmare 3 had good panels, I was really fascinated by the freakshow this year. Captian and Maybell put on a sword swallowing demonstration 36086927_1980663045311442_4233078088574959616_nand later hosted a panel on clowns. These two are hilarious and great showmen. I also poked my head in the film room. I think I’ve always been aware that this goes on, but unlike Motor City Nightmare or Horrorhound, I don’t think I’ve ever actually popped in to sit through the movies.Just like Cinema Wasteland, they begin Saturday off with cartoons, then move on to a lot of shorts. I noticed Bong of the Dead was laying here (I caught most f it at Motor City a couple months ago) and they had dropped brownies with thier name and screening time on the flyer table. BEST PROMOTION EVER.

It almost seems like there were more  props and photo areas set up for people to snap pictures at this year. These are great set us and I actually grabbed photos of them not only with me posing, but also empty so I can use them later as background plates. Of course it makes sense to have these places set up, because Days of theDead is increasingly drawing amazing cosplayers with it’s costume contest on Saturday afternoon.

The main downfall here is how expensive everything has gotten. More folks than not are charging $40 now, and extra for a photo at the table. Pricing still seems just a bit better than at Horrorhound, but the gouging has arrived in full force and it really sucks a lot of my enthusiasm away. This used to be more fun, back when the price points didn’t make me feel a little resentful.

Still, as far as bigger horror shows go, DotD is still the way to go. It’s well run by fans and I never fail to have fun here.

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