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Aliens Purge

bestAlienspurgeThe aliens comics from dark horse are a mixed bag​. The franchise has bend the bread and butter of the company, along with other licenses like predator and Star Wars. They’ve been putting these out for a long time. Some are extremely good – particularly the initial offerings, while other titles don’t quite hit the mark.

Purge is a nice solid one shot, successfully dropping us in the middle of the familiar aliens universe, while giving us a nice quick episodic short story.

It’s the story of a leper colony run by the company, used as a breeding ground for the aliens. The focus here however, is on the synthetic – a new type of android far superior to the Bishop and ash models we seen in the previous movies – you’re going to have to pick up this issue in the back issue long boxes though if you wanna find out why.

It’s a real coincidence that this book was up for review on here. I mentioned recently I got to talk with the art team on this book and get my copy signed. Ande looked at that first page with the girl sleeping amoungst the aliens and sighed “I just love this shot.”

It’s not rare, and should be an average price if you can locate it – ask your local comic book shop for it and see if you can lay your hands on it – it’s absolutely worth it in a perfect way to try out the world of aliens comics.


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