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Focus on Prom Night

franchisebannerFor the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on the Prom Night franchise. I chose this one because I’ve actually only seen one of these films – and it’s the second one. That may seem like a strange place to begin, but prom night two was released in the late 80s and targeted firmly at my generation, whether they knew the source material or not! It’s the one I remember commercials for, it’s the one that I think at first. The Prom Night series is particularly important because it solidifies Jamie Lee Curtis has a scream queen; perhaps even the first modern scream queen (One could arguably contest that the earliest scream queen was in fact, her mother Janet Leigh). That original prom night film is one of those cult classics that I feel guilty for not having seen – it’s one of those I certainly should have, and I don’t have any excuse. Back in the UHF days, channel 43 played it every Halloween. The thing is, I was too busy watching Nightmare on Elm Street to bother with  A slasher about a prom queen. Time I rectified that.

Looking over IMDb, I noticed there is are actually five of these! I never would’ve guessed that. A direct to video part three doesn’t surprise me, but I’ve never even heard of part four. The poster for the remake hung in my library for a short while, and I’m particularly interested in seeing how that one stacks up.

Here’s the thing though, we’re going to approach this one just a little differently. I’m saving the original, which I’ve never seen, for last. I want to watch all the sequels first, with only the reputation of the original to judge them against, and then will conclude by saying if that original film lives up to its own reputation, and it’s progeny.

So join me for exploration of the prom night films – I suspect this is going to be an interesting ride

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