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Brain Twisters

boxghmv5bodc4mzm5ndu1nl5bml5banbnxkftztcwota0ndawmg-_v1_I was so stoked to actually have a film from the 90’s here… I enjoy 80’s and 70’s schlock, but sometimes a little fresher in needed.

From IMDB: “Employees of a software company discover a conspiracy to use the games made by the company to control the thoughts of its customers.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear someone saw the Lawnmower Man and decided to try and make their own version, but without access to the special effects. However, Lawnmower man came out a year later so perhaps I’m just sniffing something in the zeitgeist of the time. Indeed, it’s a shame it’s going to inevitably draw comparisons to that movie because it’s really got it’s own character to it. The detective angle is very much played up here, I almost feel as if I’m watching a sort of alternative giallo…where instead of black gloves, we have cybernetic memorization.

This one is definitely worth a watch, and would go well with a screening of other outdated cyber-thrillers like Arcade or Horrorvision.





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