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The Last Starship

Movie banner51912961_2330750703636006_4038702437287067648_nA creepy little girl voice recaps the backstory of this world in an over filtered exterior location. Evil mutants (genetically engineered people) have driven the few remaining humans underground or into the wasteland. They fear the return of war.
They don’t shy away from robots and drones and and CG creations. The FX are average. They’ve actually created some really nice Computer models, but the shots are inexpertly tracked with too much light and very stiff movement.

The rebels stalk the desert in a large mecha-tank, discovering that their mission is not to contain the calibain but rather to hunt a monster.
as they pick up their new fighter, The tank is ambushed by robot golems, interesting design but cheaply executed.


51737741_2330751180302625_1677623893788983296_nBack at the future church, a family flees space zombies, looking for passage to the underground city. bad guys, who look like leftover extras from Blake’s 7 attack the church with a rocket launcher and drones. the tank changes course to aid them, then comes across the wreck of another tank. Around this time is when things go completely wrong – giant monsters, golems and infected, oh my.

They fight it out and then take off after the monster, while factions fight on board the tank – the genetically modified humans clashing with the natural born. By the time we discover a traitor in our midst, I feel as if I’m in a completely different story. It all ends with the worst game of capture the flag ever.


51880980_2330751083635968_6402822689509081088_nThe plot is complicated and hard to follow. This film definitely feels like it was built around the animatics and FX, with a dash of world building dropped in, and yet while being fairly talky, the movie never really adequately explains what is going on. Also, for a movie called “The Last Starship”, there’s a shocking lack of any starship whatsoever. It’s not terrible. But it definitely leaves me wanting more clarity. Still if you just give u on understanding it and go along for the ride, it’s fun and pretty.

Still, I’d like it better if it actually made some sort of sense. It’s SyFy channel fodder at best.



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