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Archive for March 28, 2019

Death Wish 1975


v1.bTsxMTI5MTA2NjtqOzE3ODYwOzEyMDA7MTUzNjsyMDQ4Even at the beginning, I get that familiar feeling of the Punisher in plainclothes. Bronson sells it well, but it’s really Bronson that I want to focus on.

As a kid watching these movies, I never realized that Bronson had such range. This is more than a gun toting action star (though he’s that too). He’s able to sell concern and grief. He’s able to convey a complete attitude change after he begins the killing spree.

Holy crap. Bronson’s a GOOD actor!

The politics of the film were lost on me at an early age. It’s more than just a Bernie¬†Goetz rip off (Under thirty fives may have to look that one up). There’s an honest, balanced discussion going on here about guns and crime (Taking a cue fro¬† the book). I think either side could see themselves represented here…indeed it may even be more balanced than the novel. Someone was trying to do more than just create an exploitation film here (But it is that too). It makes the remake feel a little vapid and empty. Then again, that might be an indewxunfair comparison. I really want to see how everything holds up to the late series sequels.

I have to wonder if it’s worthy of being the sacred cow some people elevate it as. It’s a good movie, but not great cinema. I think it may have found it’s best destiny in reruns on late night television, and honestly….I wish it’d make a return to those screens.