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Archive for April 9, 2019

LoCo Comic Show

ConmanFor years now, once or twice a year, there have been a couple of houses in Amherst (near Lorain, Ohio) that would do a massive comic book garage sale. There were a block or so away from each other and as time passed, it became an event.

This year they decided to try and take ti to the next level.

LoCo is a mini-comic con, right in my backyard (So to speak) featuring several local vendors, artists and a charity raffle. It feels like just a bit more than a flea market, with a nice fun atmosphere. Heroes United were there to do costumed photos with kids with thier green screen. It was a small building, but the show drew interest and constant foot traffic bringing in people of all ages interested in what they had to offer.

It was a great first year and I hope to see them set up many more times in the years to come.