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Death Wish : Another Beginning

franchisebanner300px-DW6cWhat the actual eff.

No, I mean it. While I was doing research on this series I happened across a mention of a film titled “Death Wish : Another Beginning” with a beautiful cover and a VERY vague description that tenuiously links it to the Death Wish series.



Allan A. Goldstein presents a MARC VORLANDER FILM

Experience the world of director Marc Vorlander for the first time.

Immerse yourself in a bizarre world of arthouse, action and provocation.

No movie is like this !!!”

I couldn’t find this thing anywhere. After more searching (and more expense that I deathwishwant to admit) I managed to get a copy shipped to me from Germany. I grabbed my region free player and fired it up.

I don’t understand what this thing is.

It starts off with an interview with Allan Golstein who is indeed the producer of the classic films. He chats about the death wish movies for a bit and then we move into what passes for a story. We get a few shot-on-video segments of sorta actors pretending to be cops looking for the Vigilante and a girl who claims (in the last scenes) to be his daughter. (Don’t read too much into that description. It’s more detailed than the actual segments). These skits, sloppily shot with production values lower than the sketchiest porn videos, serve as bookends for long music video presentations that have little or nothing to do with SIGNALS_X.pngthe narrative.

This thing is garbage. Don’t let the slick looking packaging fool you – this video is worse than amateur quality. My best guess is that it was done to be a promotional vehicle to the band who’s CD is included (as a bonus! Ugh.). It’s got nothing to do with the Death Wish series and I have to wonder if Goldman is even aware of it.

The DVD appears to only have been released in Germany and perhaps a few European backwaters. Feel free to avoid it. If you’re desperate to see it, contact me. I’ll give you a copy. I plan on pirating the crap out of this trash.


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