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Butterfly Effect 2

franchisebannerindex2The Butterfly Effect to has a cast that is so CW it hurts. Indeed, we start out the film in a coastal scene that could be straight out of Dawson’s Creek.

Tragedy strikes when the cast’s cars tire blows out in front of a semi truck barrelling down on them. Our hero’s next scene is in the hospital, dreaming series of flashbacks to the events that we just saw about five minutes previous. Alone, the only survivor we very shortly get a glimpse of the butterfly effect as he stares at a photo… Fast forward one year later. Stress triggers the effect at a business meeting and he is sent home – that’s where things really get started.

In a lot of ways this movie feels cheaper… And yet somebody is very interested in playing with the special effects . It’s a similar look, but not the same and our main character seems more analytical, less emotional than Ashton Kutcher. He is not exploring the power to change time through memories, he is examining and analyzing it as it happens.

The movie in general feels more shallow. The stakes are far less serious, and then there’s the little things – there is a lot more sex in this movie (though weirdly enough way less nudity than the first). The ending too, feels diluted, far less satisfying than the first.

I’m worried about the next one.


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