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Archive for October 3, 2019


boxpossesedindexLet me just say right off the bat, this movie isn’t for me. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just not my kind of thing and if I’d spotted it at the video store, I would have passed right by.

A couple are looking for their child who was lost in the tsunami. While watching video footage, the wife spots what she believes to be their kid, playing amoungst the mud cover natives. So they journey into the Thai-Burmese jungle, accompanied and led by various unsavory characters until they find the haunted place where their search comes to an end.

This is mostly an atmosphere piece. You can get lost in watching the people venture farther and farther into this alien world just a continent or two away. There’s some tension and suspense, but it’s not so much a horror film as it is an art film. It’s very french, with the way the cinematography is framed and the manner in which they index.jpgdelve into some of the set pieces.

We don’t get any real horror until the last fifteen minuets or so. I frequently hang in until the third act of horror films because I’ve learned that this is when most of them go off the rails, but even in this third act, we don’t get any really engaging scares until almost the end. There is a singe gore set piece in the eintre film. It’s the last scene, well done but not worth the wait.

I hate to dog on this film though because it’s excellent. It’s so well made and shot, it just doesn’t belong in this set. Give it a shot if you like French suspense.  Otherwise, pass.