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Archive for October 17, 2019

Wind Chill

boxpossesedindexI wasn’t sure what I was getting into here. At first it looked like it might be something like Adam Green’s “Frozen” but in a car instead of a ski lift. The movie starts out straightforward enough. A girl looking for a ride home from college for the Christmas break. As we drive along, the guy behind the wheel gets a little suspicious, like he knows just a bit to much about our heroine – having just met her. At this point I wonder if we’re going more for a stalker sort of film, but no. We end up with something completely different. When he decides to take the “scenic route” and get off the freeway, they find themselves run off the road by a mysterious car and stranded on a lost road in the middle of nowhere. The temperature is dropping to minus 30 degrees and the gas tank is cracked and leaking. Shapes move in the woods around them and  they begin to realize they are not alone in this haunted place.

Wind Chill is good. I mean really good. It knows when to creep you out and build imagessuspense, and when to hit you with a jump scare. The ghosts are done effectively and we are fed details of the curse and the history of this road slowly, a bit at a time. By the end of the movie we know everything that was going on and still end up chilled by it. I so love a well thought out film with such good scares. The characters are sympathetic and it’s quite strange that we get so attached to them considering the film doesn’t EVER GIVE THEM ANY NAMES. Nevertheless Emily Blunt does a fine job making a prissy popular girl into a sympathetic victim.

Of all the films on this set, this is the one I think I’ll be heading back to.