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Archive for November 14, 2019

The Plague


indexThe Plague lists Clive barker as a producer. That actually got me a little excited about it, but I don’t really see his dna in this story any more than I do in the later Hellraiser sequels. Still, familiar faces like James Van der Beak and Dee Wallace give it some credibility ad made me interested in seeing what was going to happen.
As the film opens, the kids in this town are all falling ill and comatose, landing them in a catatonic state that lasts for a decade. Suddenly, they all wake up at once and are murderous – acting it seems, in conjunction with each other.
It’s more like the Crazies than it is like zombies, but these hordes of kids with red eyes and veiny sore skin make for a terrifying image.Our heroes are trapped in a school that was set up as a hospital, giving us long chases through dim hallways occasionally punctuated by bits of minor gore.
inde2xThey escape in a police car, and hole up in a Church (and equally creepy setting) with the plan to regroup and head the safety of an air force base, but the kids are hot on their heels.

It’s an interesting film, but I’d like a little more information on what the plague actually was. We get some abstract philosophizing about it, but no concrete answers (and it’s not the sort of art film that can get away with defying answers). A fun watch with a somewhat unsatisfying ending.