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index.jpgDevour starts off with a college birthday and some ominous foreshadowing – a gun being thrown into the lake, quick cut flashes and a mysterious email.Work, party, email – it seems like a typical college drama.That is, until our hero is introduced to a creepy website. It’s a game – not a video game, but rather one where you put your information in and they send you tasks and favors. After he’s fired from his job the next day, the game calls and offers to help him get even. And we’re off to the races.
If this seems tame to you, I assure you, as the tasks become more extreme the visions become more terrifying and the gore ramps up…because the hero isn’t the only one involved in the game – his best friend and (sorta)girlfriend are too – and the stakes seem deadlier for them and the bodies begin to pile up. The end twist is a bit weak – it’s not set up early enough, but that’s index3.jpghonestly my only quibble here and it’s a minor one at best.
Devour is intriguing and intelligent. Smart enough to rely on weirdness and suspense, but wise enough to be generous with monster effects and blood. Throw in a dash (just a pinch) of satanic cult action and you’ve got a satisfying balance and almost certainly the best film in this set.