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box10movieindex.jpgI’m a fan of Malcolm McDonald, which is really why am watching this. Robert Patrick is always a plus, though I haven’t seen him in a whole lot of things other than Terminator. Deborah Gordon was a nice surprise, I was an admirer of hers back from her Mad TV days. That goes double for Henry Gibson, who frequently used a pop-up on Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a frozen judge. Even Sarah Douglas, from Superman II, is getting in the act here as the asylum psychiatrist!

Robert Patrick is playing an interesting character investigating insurance claims and stuff like that, going in to cover and catching people in the act of fraud, until friend of dies. This kicks off his personal investigation into the death at the asylum.  To that end we see him getting him self thrown into the asylum and It’s then that McDowell finally appears – in a bizarre wig and scraps. Threre’s kind of a Dream Warriors vibe going on here, and don’t think I missed that one patient named Alucard!

Patrick prowls the offices it mate, looking for evidence – and bumping into that weird Looney Tunes Malcolm McDowell again – It’s enough to make me wonder if this is more index2.jpga thriller and mystery than it is a horror movie.

Eavesdropping on a board meeting, Patrick hears about patient abuse and discovers a file on the various patients. Malcolm McDowell is the first page of the stack. That’s where the mystery really kicks off. We’re treated to a lot of the expected tropes – abuse of guards reading the female patients, A day room scene right out of one of the Cuckoo’s nest, and various antics from the inmates.

This is actuIf there’s any flaw here, it’s the slow burn at the beginning, with us not exactly knowing where this is going. I needed more leading up to this, however it has a great reveal and a good concept, well executed. Definite watch, especially if it happens to be on TV. Perfect in a set like this.