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Archive for April 21, 2020

Death Race 2050

franchisebannerindex.jpgRemember when I said Death Race 2000 was the kind of film that could only be made in the 70’s? I stand by that statement. That’s why it was such a bad idea to try and remake it in 2016-17.

Death Race 2050 is a soft reboot that acts as a kind of sequel to the original Death Race and retreads the same plot more or less exactly. Of course, this film uses no name actors and brighter colors to achieve a hyper reality that directly conflicts with the supposed dire nature of the race.

When Death Race 2000 was made, it was ridiculous and campy, but to their credit, allĀ  the actors played it straight. There were hams of course, but they never played it off as comedy or parody. The same can’t be said in DR2050. This film isn’t even trying. It’s unintentional parody of itself. There’s the occasional heavy handed index1.jpgpolitical message (It’s no longer the USA, it’s the United Corporation of America, with the “C” done up similar to a dollar sign) but it’s so cliche you can’t really even believe it’s earnest about it.

The cars themselves are quite cool to look at, but they don’t seem real. They feel like toys or models, a little too convoluted sci-fi – the sort of thing you’d find in “Total Recall” or “Demolition Man”. The featured ones don’t fit with the rest of this world. That dosen’t stop me from wanting a Hot Wheels of themĀ  though….

images4.jpgI don’t want to call this film garbage, because I like garbage films. This sullies the good name of garbage. Rather I’d just call it a waste of time. if you’re new to the Death Race franchise, this film will put you right off it. If You’re a fan of the Death Race films, this movie will make you angry as Frankenstein in an ill-fitting mask. Either way, it ends up being just a waste of time.

According to IMDB: “Captions are written in Comic Sans “.

I think that nicely sums it up.