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Archive for July 13, 2020

Hellraiser part two


CostumeI wanted to try something diffrent with Pinhead – in particular, It would be nice to reduce that three hour makeup with some shortcuts. There’s a scene in Hellbound where Pinhead and the Female are dressed as surgeons. My mother brought me home a hospital gown from one of her visits to the doctor and I took it from there.

My normal model magic pins had been broken and lost – something i didn’t discover in time and the few I put on my face were more of the Q tips I use on the head. They stayed well enough since there weren’t many of them, but the surgeon mask helped hold that bottom row in place.

Wasteland welcomed pinhead.

22140972_1483676731669239_5559039486245946742_npinhead hallpinheadscarecrow pinhead