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Archive for February 22, 2021

Toyhio winter 2021

The first thing I thought when I walked into the Toyhio show was “It seems more crowded this year.” I wasn’t wrong. Later in the evening the crew would post that they had a record attendance. I wonder if others had the same feeling that I did – there’s no big cons going on right now, so we’ll take what we can get!

Nothing much has changed from my previous trip out.
It’s still very much a collectors show and the biggest, most awesome dealers room around. But they are still charging collectors prices – you can find what you’re looking for. But expect to pay.

For my part, I came looking for some specific things. A Frakenstien (Recently a flood of the old BK toys hit the market and they are going for an average of twenty bones each – too rich for my blood.), Beetlejuice (I’d take the Toony Terrors, but I’d rather have a cartoon one. That’s more my speed), cheap comics, and some custom fodder.

I noticed that there were a LOT more Toony Terrors this time around. I saw a bunch of wave three and five around (Interestingly enough though, NO wave 4!). Good to know these things are available on the secondary market just in case I fail to find them in the wild. I still haven’t seen BJ or Regan, but Victor and Sam have both showed up in stores. Fun to see the new blood spattered variants in person.
To my delight, I found a Frank in single digits and snatched him up. I also found some deals at the same endcap booth in the overflow roundabout that had cheap He-Man vehicles last time around. Fifty cent comics and dollar figures… I scored some oddities. Some Robin Hood figures – I love these things just for their reused kenner molds. I’m total good paying a buck to be able to hold these in my hand. I also grabbed a black armor DD – i liked this suit, and think it’s underrated. Possibly overshadowed by the less than stellar storyline. I also grabbed some potential customs. A Geordie LaForge with no visor, and a Howling Mad Murdock.

The show is still a bit too far for me to hit regular, but it remains a high recommend, and was a nice way to spend a saturday afternoon!