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Archive for March 7, 2022

Through a DVD Player Darkly

Nothing much of any real interest to say this Monday. I’m behind on Superman and Lois, and my comic book pools this week we’re less than inspiring. The whole War on Earth Three thing that they’re doing in Suicide Squad just leaves me cold… (and yes, I did read the main War On… series. My opinion stands). At least we got a little bit of schtck from Ambush Bug and Peacemaker, but still. Not my thing, and I’m really tired of them not being smart enough to write Amanda Waller so they just lapse into making her a villain. (She’s not. She’s way more complex than that, and better writers manage to do some amazing things with it.)

Also, I’m really hoping we see Elektra go back to being Elektra rather than (Lady) Daredevil. You can kind of see that in the last issue, she’s just itching to kill someone. The direction Woman Without Fear is going, is actually a good way of getting there. Then again, you could also take a sharp left turn with Matt Murdock dead and Elektra in the mantle for the foreseeable future… At least until the next movie.

So without anything significant to really talk about in comics or TV, I wanted to do something that I never do (though perhaps I should), I’m going to recommend another blog.

Over the last couple of years cruising the dollar tree for movies has become something of a mild obsession for me. It’s the basis of one of the categories on this blog, and me sharing my finds with my friends has sparked some similar treasure hunts on their end. One of these guys decided to set up a blog dedicated just to his dollar tree movie fines. You’ll find it over here :

Check it out, he’s got the first few titles posted. I’m looking forward to seeing just how much overlap we see. I’ve noticed my friends in Pennsylvania get different selections than my friends in Michigan do, and stuff shows up here in Cleveland that doesn’t appear in either of them. Overall, that makes me look forward to what Dons going to do here.