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Archive for March 21, 2022

Cleveland Comic and Nostalgia Convention

Just a few photos from the Cleveland Comic Book and Nostalgia Convention over the weekend… The show with the name longer than this blog post! Harper show is basically the same thing every time, not much changes, and you may feel like you’ve seen some of these photos before. The room set up is exactly the same every time. But that’s OK, because this one still really close by in Westlake, and I know exactly where Hazel‘s Heroes stores the 50 Cent bins.

The pleasant surprise this time around I actually was seeing a lot of friends out there. Not just the usual suspects like Mark or Wolfchild, but also people like Crystal and Tanya from my wife’s preferred hair salon. I bumped into my friend Jennifer who I haven’t seen in years, certainly not since the goblin concert at the Beachland. Even John, from Carol and John’s comic shop was set up in a rare appearance on the con seen. Nice to float around and catch up as well as picking up a few oddities.

This is the sort of show where I go to fill up backpack and come home with a few dozen new comic books. But there’s always a hope then I’ll find something curious. Besides that near complete Peter Milligan human target run, I also scored a handful of Fright Night comics. These are fun, especially with the movie adaptions included. Now comics was just weird, licensing just about anything. It was such a mismatched company… Underground comics like Ralph Snart, sci-fi like the Terminator, horror like Fright Night, adventure with the Green Hornet and really strange choice and comedy with Married with Children. Still, I’ve always been more team lost boys and fright night, especially in my teens when these were being published so I didn’t grab them up when I had a chance, and I’m regretting that now. Trying to put that right.

I also found this weird  X liefields comic. It’s got a keen spot logo on it which means it must’ve started out life of the web comic, but I don’t know if I ever saw it. It’s fun, with a bunch of Leifield like characters going back in time to try and stop him from creating Deadpool. Or at least, a reasonable facsimile. At this point, I almost feel like making fun of Rob Leifield is a genre and a big self. I’m not a hater, I actually respect the dude a great deal, and yet I also have to admit every time I see one of these kind of books, I’m absolutely picking it up.
The last head scratcher for me was this Ninjack ShadowMan Rapture book. I have no idea what this thing is, and even after reading it, I’m still bewildered. Shadow Man in particular is one of those characters that valiant has always struggled with. He got up to a week start and it seems like Bob Hall was the only one who truly understood what made the character tick, and how to make him work. Since then he’s been rebooted far more often than any of the other valiant characters, and while I can tell which reboot were on, even this current incarnation has gone through several phases and changes. This is one of those books that you buy because you want to learn more about what’s going on. It alerts me to a series I didn’t even know what’s going on, and that I now have to go and explore further.

Nothing big, probably about 90 minutes wandering the floor, but still, a nice slow pace compared to the full on convention experience we had last week at Fantasticon. Good to connect with people. Nerdbox Comics definitely had the best sign there and this time around the various vendors were able to spell the word “Manga” correctly on the boxes. There’s worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.