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1975 Ghostbusters!



With the re-release of the classic Real Ghostbuster figures, I suddenly had access to some custom fodder, and finally decided to create modern versions of the 1975 Ghost Busters….much like my Tracy costume.

A couple of Rays provided the bodies for Kong and Tracy, with a planet of the Apes head from the flea market topping off my monkey. I dremmeled open the chest, to make it look like the jumpsuits are unzipped. I then painted the GB symbol on Tracy and a collegiate sports looking 75 on Kong, reminisant of the shirts Forrest Tucker wore on the show.

To create Kong’s hat, I made a mold of a Fozzie bear hat, then cast it in hot glue, attaching it to his head while warm.

Finally, I scuffed up a Venkman, dremmeling up his hair to give him a center part and aged up his face with some paint, then hot guled him up a tie. To make him disctinct, and more like Larry Storch’s Spencer I repainted his jumpsuit blue. I see a lot more of these blue overalls on the clearance isles, and throwing it in with the tan ones really works well.

Finally, I really wanted them to have a “pet”, like Slimer, but more schlocky….a Killer tomato is just the trick! I carry one around when I do Kong, and I already had a recipie for creating hot glue ones, using a mold made from the jack-o-lantern that came with the Toony Terrors Michael Myers figure.

Here they are….Ghostbusters 1975!



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