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Intro to Justin Jones

Justin Jones is a solid Asylum alum from way back. He was there when they made thier first Mockbuster – 2005’s War of the Worlds as first assistant director.

Since then, he’s racked up north of 70 credits as producer or assistant director or various crew positions over the years. In particular, he’s been a part of several notable projects that I’ve seen over the years, such as ;

2008 Doomsday (Video) (first assistant director)
2007 AVH: Alien vs. Hunter (Video) (first assistant director)
2007 I Am Omega (Video) (first assistant director – as Justin L. Jones)
2007  Universal Soldiers (first assistant director – as Justin L. Jones)
2007 would also be the year he would make his first film as full director – The Apocalypse.
What I find even more interesting is that abotu halfway through his career, Jones starts to team up with a directing partner named Chris Freeman. We start to see a shift there, but still a lot that’s distinctly Jones.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, I’d like to look at some of his early stuff where he’d be assistant director (alongside much of the cast that would appear in his first two films) on on of the most company defining films the Asylum would ever put out. Meet me back here in a week or two and we’ll ease our way into Jones’ career with…. Transmorphers.

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