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Archive for June 23, 2022

Toyhio Summer 2022


Dude, I wasn’t even planning on going to Toyhio this tie around! but Mayday let it drop that there was an open seat in his buddy’s van and I jumped in to let someone else deal with the hassle of the drive.

It remains true, I really like Toyhio, but this time¬† I didn’t have anythign I was actually looking for (since I wasn’t even intending to go). I found a few comics I was interested in, and hit the box of $1 Lego mini figs hard, scoring the best Harley Quinn (a Suicide Squad style one) I’ve ever had, as well as a venom that is REALLY reminiscant on the suit I wore to Free Comic Book Day. There were definately a few deals to be had and honestly, I passed on a couple of figures I really should have grabbed – a couple Cenobites, a Chuck Norris figure – even a vanishing Fozzie.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to finally get a 2009 Enterprise an grab it for only $2.  ATermnator figure with a Arnold shell was also a great buy and I even got the Road Ripper min for less than half the retail price.

All in all a good day and a fun show. They’ve got me hooked, and I’ll be back.