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Archive for August 7, 2022

Ghost Hunter

You can sometimes tell when I’ve really enjoyed the film by how short the review is. It’s because instead of sitting and taking notes as the movie goes along, I’ve put away my phone and just let myself be drawn in to the cinematic experience.

All that to say, this review may be on the short side.

The thing you have to understand about Ghost Hunter, is that this is a mystery. It’s not a ghost story, but rather a proper British mystery, like Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, or Albert Campion. Henry Price is an old charlatan… One of those psychic fakes that were in the highest of fashion around the turn of the century. He’s retired from that though now, and instead has dedicated his life to debunking mediums and fake hauntings. So when the wife of a prominent politician is caught wandering the streets in the delirium, he’s called in to figure out why. The search through the old house will uncover a dark history and more secrets than anyone imagined.

If you throw in some of the modern ghost hunting shows that you see on Travel or Discovery Channel… But play some back in the 30s, and combined that with a healthy dose of British murder mystery, ala Agatha Christie, you might have a sense for what this film is going to be. It’s a distinctly BBC production, and if you grew up watching PBS like I did, this may very well appeal to you. I still long for more of Margery Allingham’s Campion on film, and this, surprisingly quenches that same thirst. The fact that there is a supernatural theme to it, that element that creeps in right around the edges helps. but never let it distract you. This is absolutely, first and foremost a British mystery… And if you come in expecting something different, you may be disappointed. But if you come in with a love of Vincent price and Diana Rigg hosting the PBS mysteries every weekend, you’ll find this is exactly the sort of thing you’re looking for