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Archive for August 25, 2022

Cabin Fever : Patient Zero

OK Cabin Fever Patient Zero, you’ve got quite a bit to prove. Because here’s the thing, I’m not a big fan of the original. I mean I don’t hate it, I think I’ve watched it twice back in the day. Those two times were both on VHS, so that let you know about how long ago it was. I haven’t sought out the remake or really any of the sequels, but I’ll admit, seeing a familiar franchise name like this on the shelves of dollar tree, and noticing Sean Astin in the credits… OK. I’m good. It’s 94 minutes, so that’s manageable, especially on one and a half speed. But, Patient Zero, you have a lot to prove and I’m going into this defiant.

The contagions already underway, and people are trying to contain it which gives you an idea of what kind of movie this will be. Sean Astin is in custody, playing a character named Porter. He is the only non-asymptomatic carrier of this disease, and his family is dead.
Elsewhere, how much younger cast is arriving in a part of the world where everybody skin as far more darker than ours. Central America? There’s a lot of Spanish language going on hi there. Either way we have a wedding coming up along with the traditional festivities… And the bachelor party. And the bachelor party is taking itself out on a yacht to an abandoned island that the locals won’t go near..
How strange. When snorkeling they find no fish… Not until they come across a cove of desiccated fish corpses that is.
Meanwhile, in the B storyline, Sean Astin is getting poked and prodded, and infecting the staff at the secret government facility. I’m curious if the sea storylines ever meet up..
Back at the campsite, the rashes started. I can’t say I’m feeling too sympathetic. They’ve made most of these characters far less likable than the ones in the original… But then again that’s because they’re just there to die I guess,  and douchebag totally deserves the most heinous squirting scene anyone has ever seen. In search of helpers here, it’s time to explore the abandoned building on the other side of the island.
Oh my God. It’s a building for an Astin was in isn’t it? (yes, yes it is) This is a time jump isn’t it? (No. It’s not.)
OK, at this point I’m just here for the gore. And to be fair, pretty girls skin ripping completely off her arm… Definitely worth the price of admission. Also, are those zombies?
There are some seriously action going on in the last act, and a couple of very impressive bit of blood. What I can say about this film, is that it’s an excellent sequel to the Cabin Fever series. it does everything a good sequel is supposed to do. He expands the world and pushes the mythology a bit. Not a ton, but a bit… It’s a pretty threadbare mythology as it is. If you’re a fan of this series and these movies, you’re gonna like this. If you’re a Gore hound, you’re gonna like this. Seriously, more skin less people than Hell raiser!  It’s almost my thing… But not quite. It’s close enough though, where I can see why people really dig this. Moreover, I gave them huge props for actually giving us a definitive answer as to the origin of the cabin fever virus. This is one of those few criticisms I have George Romero, that he would never give us a firm answer as to where the zombie virus came from. Cabin Fever manages to do so intelligently, dramatically, and without getting in the way of the story.. (Stick around for the end credits which flesh out the initial mention out) It’s actually A soft recommend.