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Archive for August 28, 2022

Moscow Zero

DollarindexDid you ever buy a movie, solely based on the location? That’s exactly why I grabbed this copy of Moscow zero. The film promises us a dark journey into the depths of the underground catacombs below Moscow, and it does not disappoint.

We have Vincent Gallo as a priest looking for his mentor, being led by some local guides. We flashback frequently to the mentor charting the ruins and investigating. Along the way we find homeless communities that survive midway below the city, and who are intent on sealing up these particular catacombs because they fear dark spirits within. The ghosts are indeed there, the souls of a group of children who fled persecution to hide in these catacombs, eventually perishing alone in the darkness.

It’s all wonderfully moody and eerily lit, although I wish they could’ve made the ghosts a little spookier and added to the atmosphere. Val Kilmer is prominently featured on this cover, but he’s a minor character at best – this being right after his peak and at the beginning of his decline. He still brings his trademark charisma to the film, but it’s the main cast that do the real heavy lifting and brilliantly create a suspenseful trek through the dark and rocky catacombs below the deapths of Russia. It’s absolutely worth a look if you can find it used or the cost of a rental.