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Archive for September 1, 2022

Puppet Master : The Littlest Reich

Sometimes I’m wrong.

It’s funny, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about Puppet Master, the Littlest Reich. I’ve heard nothing but good things admittedly. But, the thing is, once puppet master started leaning into the whole World War II stuff all the retro puppet Master stuff, you got less interesting to me. I like seeing the killer puppets in modern times killing modern people. Watching them kill Nazis is cool for a single movie, but I wasn’t interested in seeing a bunch more of that. And of course if puppet master is famous for anything, it’s going back to the well. Let’s face it, we have a couple movies in the middle that are basically just clip shows, and we were right in the middle of a phase in American society where the phrase punching Nazis was getting popular.
So I kind of skipped the littlest Reich for the longest time. Right up until I found a copy on Blu-ray at the dollar tree. Well, we would delay no more.
What do you mean it’s not World War II? Oh crap.
We’ve got a slacker working at a comic book shop, returning home after a bitter divorce and getting ready to sell his vintage to lawn puppet. It’s kind of blade, but it’s kind of not. The film in general is very much a reboot in the spirit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre or rob zombies Halloween. They’re taking the idea, doing some of their own thing, but still trying to show some respect. There’s a convention coming up celebrating the puppet master, and people from all over the country are bringing their puppets to be auctioned off. It’s a good set up. And our hero brings his new girlfriend as well as his partner in crime from the comic book shop and off they go on the road trip. With this many people gather together, along with this many killer puppets… Naturally, mayhem ensues, And it’s a race against time to survive the killer puppets… And perhaps, prevent Toulon from rising from the dead.

The thing that really struck me about this film, was how gory it was. Seriously, they’ve never been afraid of bringing the blood, but this one is a whole new level, going both gory and disturbing with some of the kills. It’s actually everything that I could possibly want from the series, and I’m shocked at just how good this entry is. That’s not even mentioning brilliant appearances from Barbara Crampton and Udo Kier! It’s enough to make me definitely want to see more and check out what this new generation of Puppet Master is all about.