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Geekfest returns!

You could almost hear the strains of the song “I’m the bogeyman” from the nightmare before Christmas as Oogie Boogie sauntered through the halls of the library. He spotted a giant Lego version of Deadpool, and waved to get his attention. Lego Deadpool shuffled over to him and Oogie Boogie piped up “Can I get […]

Geekfest 2016

This year marks the third time we’ve attended Geekfest at the Akron Canton Library it’s grown and changed every year and has always been a fun show… But one of the smaller cons we go to. It was actually one that I was intending to drop this time around– until Maddie specifically asked to go […]

Geekfest 2015

I almost wish that this had been the first con I took my kids to. It’s a great primer on con life, while being inexpensive – free admission and parking, very few vendors, while still having some real local talents like Thom Zhaler there for people to meet. It’s very much the idea of a […]


It was a last-minute decision for me to head over to Bay-Con. The family was going to be gone for the afternoon and I figured I could spare an hour or so to check out this new micro-convention. Jeff Ritchie is a regular at Carol and John’s comic shop, and has done a number of […]

Pekar Park Comic Fest

This was one of those weekends where there was too much going on to choose. Over in Eastlake, my buddy Ed was heading out to Weplcon, while I noticed Mark and Brandi hitting Grossfest in Pittsburg. Maddie had already bailed on Geekfest in Akron (which I was planning on skipping anyhow – great show, but […]

State of the Con

I realized something this year. I did about my average number of conventions, and managed to squeeze in two or three I’ve never been to before as well as a few that haven’t been to in a while. I did a bunch of costume contests with a reasonable showing (So did my daughter actually). I […]

Hall of Fame City Comic Con 2018

“Dude, looks like Metal arms are in this year!” I looked in the direction the voice was coming from. A Winter Soldier was pointing to the prosthetic Borg arm being passed back to me by security after their examination. I slid it on and nodded. “Sure are,” I replied. “Just look over there!” I pointed […]


    I do seem to be hitting the smallest of cons this year – while I like small cons, I’m not actively seeking them out by size! When I discovered that Weplcon was being held at a library, that didn’t bother me much, I had visions of Akron’s Geekfest, held annually at their library. […]

Not exactly a convention…

This weekend I took the girls with me to Akron’s Geekfest at the summit county library. I already took time in Violent Blue to expound on how much I hate the name of this event (to the extent that I didn’t even bother with it last year) so we won’t go into that her. we’ll […]

Superman Day

Not exactly a convention this weekend, but still an event. We had hoped to get out to the event at the Akron library, but knew we couldn’t hit both that and Superman Day at Carol and Johns. It’s jut to much driving. So we went with the closer one. Superman is very special to me. […]