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Christmas graphics


 As we head into Christmas I wanted to show off a little bit of work done for the company website . I always changed the blog button during Christmas time to the santa hat image, just a little bit of fun on the web page.

Back when I was with Holland Computers, I notced that the graphic designer always created holiday wallpapers for the used computers and I loved the idea, so I’ve done the same  for subsequent companies I’ve worked for. The business card is a scan which was translated into a 2d object, but the entire graphic is rendered in Bryce 5Christmas



Favorite ads


I always like to see as running on the demo machine in the front and usually will create some basic stuff that also ends up on the company blog site. Here are a few of my favorites….

data management Geeks and pros ie slow website




This is one of my favorite graphics. A soft portrait that gets the message across immediately, simply. This photo was actually shot on my workbench with my test equipment, arranged just so…. I added the text on the computer screen and played with the shading to give it that quiet moment look.


(and yeah…I had to blur the Lilo and Stitch graphic on my coffee cup….)


art showBannerRemember a few months or so back when lydia created some real jewelry? Well she was in the mood to make some recently, but didn’t have anything to make it out of…so she took paper and crayons and made her own!




I know, the name is woefully overused, but it’s not a bok I’m working on. Here’s the character designe for the Victorian Roses enemy! Lady Shiva formerly known as Red Rival. One she work with Casino The Swami and helped send The Meddler back to kill baby Jesus but we all know how that worked out. She despise The Victorian Roses




Since so much of my job has always involved fixing devices, when you’re running a company blog or website you end up needing a lot of graphics of this breaking! Here’s a few I did for my last job.

fried laptop screen laptop laptop-keys phone screen

Nyan Kite

art showBannerMaddie made this one at school. She was asked to design a kite….and she created a Nyan Cat.

It’s just so adorable I can’t stand it…..




I actually wish this one had come out just a little better. I was writing an article on the decline of the console as smartphone apps and games gain market share and whipped up this little graphic. It’s rushed and it shows, especially since I’m not as familiar with drawing Mario as perhaps I should be….

Phone vs mario


art showBanner

Lydia cut this one out…a circular shape then she started drawing on it, creating her vision of a fishbowl!


Derringer and Rugar


More character designs from Angel Lite’s The Ballad! These guys were based heavily off characters in Django Unchained, and I admit it shows. Still, tried to throw a sort of spacey look to it in the buttons on the jacket and things like that.

Derringer Rugar

Tech Zombies


I was working on the company blog doing an article about “zombie accounts” – user and email accounts on a company’s server that aren’t purged after an employee leaves. I wanted to have a little fun with it though, so I altered up these two old photos from Zombie walks back in 2010 or 2009. I’ve always loved how these came out and it’s even more fun because I was doing these on company time for company purposes!

zombie zombie2


art showBanner

This is a portrait of Maddie did of her and her friend George. She’s known him since they were babies.  I love the beautiful rainbow colored frame….

art  Maddie Friend

Victorian Roses


Here’s some characters sketches from another Angel Lite series I’m not involved in, these are the Victorian Roses. The characters seem kind of mystical, but also with a big Posion Ivy influence. Here are our Heroines.

alli Kat Dusk Red Flowers Selene Tana

Glow comics part four


I mentioned a few month ago, instead of handing out flyers for our GLOW event, I created a small comics with all of our information on the back! We’ve got to wrap this up though, preferably by rescuing the hostages!


041404 041440 041517 041549

Maddie’s bird cage

art showBanner

A favorite of her mother and her grandmother, Maddie did this birdcage in watercolors. Her grandmother demanded it be framed and put in her home where it hangs today.


Glow comics



This is not quite a commission, this was originally done up as a get well card for a sick friend, but the image was just to cute not to share.

sick copy

More Rapunzle

art showBanner

This obsession of Lydia’s with Disney’s Tangled doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m pretty sure it’s still her favorite movie ever, though last years Frozen came a pretty close second. I know this is from Tangled an not the Barbie Rapunzle because she pointed out to me the boy was Flynn Ryder! (Note the tower in the background…drawn in purple pen….)


Casino and Switchblade


Some more for Angel Lite comics. The evil Casino the Swami and his associate Switchblade. I believe these are the bad guys for their  series “The Ballad”. I’m really pleased with how dynamic Casino came out with my overuse of cross hatching….

Casino Switchblade

Angel Lite commission


An Angel Lite commission.

William Zo Walker a.k.a. Amp. former pimp and hit man to El Cartel. After he found that El Cartel had his wife killed and pinned on him he went to work for Cartel. After Cartel threaten his daughter April and grandson Duston. He quit and co founded The Red Lobos and The Red Raiders

amp1 amp2


And don’t forget, new Violent Blue tomorrow!

Mermaid Princess

art showBanner

We love it when the girls make books here. I think it’s a reaction to their exposure to comics over the years….
Presenting the Mermaid Princess

book1 book2

Another portrait

art showBanner

Lydia loves doing family portraits This one was done with grease crayons on a wipe board, so it sadly was not permanent.

Interestingly enough, she says it’s harder to draw Daddy than any of the other people in the family.


Glow comics part three


I mentioned a few month ago, instead of handing out flyers for our GLOW event, I created a small comics with all of our information on the back! Heres the second days comic to recap the further mischief from our villians!

041255 041329


Je Suis Charlie

Originally I had an argo city movie night planned for the space but, the events over the last weekend really dictated a different kind of post. First and foremost I want to address the death of comedian Taylor Negron. I was a big fan of Taylor way back from his comics trip live appearances in the 90s. It’s always cool to see someone like that really grow and develop, and far too many comedians from that era like Richard Geni and Sam Kinison are simply no longer with us. There were a myriad of comedians exploding on the scene during that initial Seinfeld run (not sure if that was the chicken or the egg, but comedy really did become the hottest thing ever right at that time), and most of them faded away I’ll admit. But really, it was also time that launched a lot of careers. I’m gonna Miss Taylor, and all the different appearances that he made. Taylor never was a headliner it seemed like, but man did he show up in every TV show film and guest role that he could get his grubby little hands on.
It also seems significant to touch on the events in France and the hash tag that’s been falling around the Internet lately. First and foremost if you are going to use it please get it right. it’s Je Suis Charlie. It is NOT “Jesus is Charlie”. Trust me when I tell you Charlie was most definitely not Jesus. I have no doubt that at this point they have met, but the Bible tells me I’m not allowed to Judge those cartoonist’s spiritual state (That’s what the whole “judge not lest you be judged” passage actually means.please stop misquoting it everybody), and as such I cannot rightly comment on how I believe that meeting went though I have my suspicions.I don’t like to handle. I never did period our opinions clash, our worldviews clash. I did not particularly respect the magazine as a cartoonist or as a satirist. I read one blogger who mentioned liberals have a tendency to react when something is banned are attacked by glorifying or are lionizing the attacked concept . I don’t think the sort of blasphemy or ugliness that came out of try Habdo deserves that sort of admiration. But their right to create and publish it with out being murdered for it, indeed should be protected . it’s a case of “I hate when you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it” and in that respect, as a cartoonist myself who occasionally publishes material that is religious and therefore controversial, Je Suis Charlie.

And by the way there is new Violent Blue up today! Maybe they can lighten the mood and get your mind off of the terrible events of last week.

Justice League TV

Lets start off the new year with a bit of art. This is something I did to reward myself for finishing the inks on Knight No One Forgets (available soon), and is a concept that’s been rattling around my head for ages – heros that originated on TV. Not ones that came from other sources and were made into TV shows, but ones that started (and usually ended) as television (and a LOT of Glen Larson influence). This is going to show up in a Violent Blue strip later this month I think, but for now here it is as a fun stand alone piece.


Th color makes a big differance on this piece. I won’t lie, I hate coloring stuff and I usually feel it messes thigns up but I’m happy with this one. Here’s a couple of extras, shots of the steps; pencils and inks.

jltv pencilsjltv bwjl tv color

And don’t forget, there’s new Violent Blue up today!