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Lezle Dean

AutographsThis one was exciting because it was a mail request that  came back quick when I really didn’t know if it was going to come back at all! She’s one of the survivors of Freddy’s Dead – the last of the main string of Nightmare on Elm Street films!



Marc Sumerak

AutographsCan I just flat out admit that this one is a little weird for me? See, Marc is a friend of mine and it just feels strange to be chatting about the autograph you got from you friend…


When they collected all of Marc’s Franklin Richards strips into two volumes, He gave me a couple for my kids, and signed them to each of them. It’s been Maddie’s favorite forever, and the fact that she has one signed to her just makes it better. Lydia loves H.E.R.B.I.E. in these books so much, that she requested a costume of it! (We took a photo with Marc at Akron ComicCon…)


Tiffany Shepis


This is the kind of thing I bring, just to see the celebrity scream. Tiff was delighted to see this and actually brought out a couple posters from that shoot to show me – interesting to note, it’s a Japanese bike for the Americian covers, but when this book was released in Japan, they used Americian bikes!


Bob Hall

AutographsBob Hall wrote most of the run of my favorite Valiant title – that being Shadowman. When I met him at NEO Comic Con I was hoping for a Shadowman print to get signed. A Master Darque one was close enough!


Joe Quesada

AutographsMan, this thing would have been a holy grail back in the 90’s…. Valiant, chromium cover, autographed…it almost makes me feel sad that I found it at Half Price books for half the cover price….


(It’s okay X-O…. I still love you….)

Elliot Gould


You know, I have the utmost respect for Gould, and I recognize he has a lot of history behind him. The thing is…I haven’t actually SEEN most of his films. I’m familiar with him from the Oceans series, and from Friends and stuff like that – stuff t hat is cool because he has the gravitas from that long career that I know about but haven’t actually seen…..

Big thanks for a crazy quick response, I think he turned this around in about a week.

elliot gould


Brian Michael Bendis

AutographsI found this graphic novel at half price books, signed by the archetect of the modern Marvel universe. In Cleveland we particuarly love him because he’s a hometown boy made good and this book in particular is fun – maybe we’ll explore that a little later….


Mel Brooks


Shame on you Mel! I was  so thrilled to get something back…only  to discover I didn’t get my original picture back and received instead this pre-print.I mean it’s a great picture, but it’s still not the same as a real autograph, and not worth me wasting my postage.

Mel Brooks


Jennifer Tilly

AutographsAnother pre-signed one, but you know what, it’s a good shot and I’m so happy to have her in my collection!


Jennifer Rubin


I’m kind of slowly building a Freddy Kruger victim collection. Not sure if I’ll ever complete it but it’s  fun idea I think. Jennifer was one of the more memorable victims in part three – bad and beautiful.

Jennifer Rubin