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Jennifer Rubin


I’m kind of slowly building a Freddy Kruger victim collection. Not sure if I’ll ever complete it but it’s  fun idea I think. Jennifer was one of the more memorable victims in part three – bad and beautiful.

Jennifer Rubin


R.A. Miliahoff

AutographsNext up on my Horror reboot list is R.A. Miliahoff -aka Leatherface. you know, I’ve also got the original one as well – I really need to track down the dude who put on the mask for #2 don’t I?


Sgt Slaughter

AutographsBecause how often do you get to meet a cartoon character in real life? I don’t just mean a voice, but an actual cartoon character???


Angela Bassett

AutographsI think the first time I saw Angela Bassett was in a chick flick while I was on a date in college. I do believe my favorite role for her was really in Strange Days, but I do wish she had gotten a chance to play Amanda Waller longer. How cool to have a picture of her on a Green Lantern red carpet event anyhow?


Jodi Benson

AutographsI’ll admit, this one is mostly for the girls.



Denis Leary

AutographsWhen his stand up album “No Cure For Cancer” came out, it was really a game changer. even though we were too young to listen to it we did anyhow. He’s softened in the last decade it seems, and really I had to get the Spidy picture signed…just because.


Clint Howard

AutographsIt’s hard to pick a favorite role for Ron Howard’s brother….I was tempted to try and get him to sign an Ice Cream Man poster, but really, Star Trek is one of my first loves, and the fact that he was on it is just amazing to me.


John Kasier

AutographsWorking at the Kreepy Kastle, you guys already know I’m a horror Host fan, but really, the Cryptkeeper just trancends that – he’s a personality all his own!

How strange that he was also the voice of buster Bunny in Tiny Toons?


Stephen Ouimette

AutographsBeetlejuice was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. The thing is, the actor who voiced him lives in Canada. Even though it’s not far, sending postage out of the country and getting somethign back is difficult. But I suddenly discovered a workaround!
Ouimette was doing a play in Chicago! I sent this to the theatre and JUST made it in before the show closed!


Gary Sinese

Autographs13102669_1178202908890797_8247331051937824596_nOkay, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a punk, I couldn’t find a good address for captian Dan here, so I wrote his foundation, and it worked!