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Tony Todd

AutographsTony Todd has been such a prolific actor it’s unbelievable, but he’s so often overlooked in these strange character roles he does. I choose a Candyman photo for him because to me it’s the most famous of his monsters (I’m not a fan of the final destination series), but he’s also the star of my favorite episode of Star Trek DS9 as well!


Barry Williams

AutographsMy wife was perplexed as to why I’d want this one. “You didn’t grow up with the Brady bunch!”
Of course I did. Everyone our age grew up with the Brady Bunch!


Thank you Linda Larkin


We’ve been focusing on princesses for the girls, but I have to say, Disney princess Autographs can be fun…


Simon Pegg


After building a Batman mask out of paper and tape, then spending a nice night out with friends at the Palace it was really nice to come home to find mail from Simon Pegg waiting for me! It’s obviously a pre-signed one (he likely does a stack of these and leaves them with his agent to send out to people like me) but that’s okay. Presigned is better than not signed any day!

Rick Springfield

AutographsOh the lines I braved and stood in to get into this concert, complete with a quickie autograph session. Rick is great fun to see live and such a friendly person!


Harry Dean Stanton


I knew it! 10 days earlier would have been nicer (so I could have gotten Yaphett Kotto on it…), but still, I’m happy to have another addition to my Alien collection.

Julie Andrews fail…..


So something strange happened today. i came home to find a big yellow envelope that happened to be from Julie Andrews. It was a note saying she doesn’t sign through the mail and the return of my Mary Poppins picture (already signed by Dick Van Dyke).

I appreciate the reply and the return, but you know, I sent this letter out in 2010.11885190_1023684377675985_1520266118203130641_n

Pam Dawber

AutographsThis is one of my favourites! She included an extra picture in the package and dedicated it to the entire family – I mentioned that the girls watch the show as one of our dinner time options

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Josh McDermitt


12250077_1071892009521888_2919989705536073660_nSo I got Josh McDermett through the mail and on the set – except, the picture came with this note.


Eugene is now my hero.


Adrianne Barbeau

AutographsBecause I just had to complete that Catwoman collection as best  I can….

12650830_1107597269284695_4598956837908283788_n 12662678_1107597309284691_5091368014548385028_n