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Maddie and Lydia’s monthly art show


A painting Lydia did for me for father’s day! It now hangs in my office, and every time I leave teh room I point at it and say “Rawr!”


Winter Landscape

As the kids have been getting older, their art choices have changed. Lydia these days is doing a lot more landscapes and painting.

Lydia’s mask

art showBanner

Seriously, it’s not the fact that she created a mask out of a paper plate and construction paper that gets me….it’s the wry look on the mask’s face. I love the half cocked look it has!

mask1 mask2

Lego Minecraft

art showBanner

Maddie has a thing for Legos, and since she discovered Minecraft, this has become one of her favorite sets. She and her sister decided to abandon the instructions and create their own Minecraft world!

legos2 legos 1

lego3 lego4 lego5


art showBannerRemember a few months or so back when lydia created some real jewelry? Well she was in the mood to make some recently, but didn’t have anything to make it out of…so she took paper and crayons and made her own!


Nyan Kite

art showBannerMaddie made this one at school. She was asked to design a kite….and she created a Nyan Cat.

It’s just so adorable I can’t stand it…..



art showBanner

Lydia cut this one out…a circular shape then she started drawing on it, creating her vision of a fishbowl!



art showBanner

This is a portrait of Maddie did of her and her friend George. She’s known him since they were babies.  I love the beautiful rainbow colored frame….

art  Maddie Friend

Maddie’s bird cage

art showBanner

A favorite of her mother and her grandmother, Maddie did this birdcage in watercolors. Her grandmother demanded it be framed and put in her home where it hangs today.


More Rapunzle

art showBanner

This obsession of Lydia’s with Disney’s Tangled doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m pretty sure it’s still her favorite movie ever, though last years Frozen came a pretty close second. I know this is from Tangled an not the Barbie Rapunzle because she pointed out to me the boy was Flynn Ryder! (Note the tower in the background…drawn in purple pen….)


Mermaid Princess

art showBanner

We love it when the girls make books here. I think it’s a reaction to their exposure to comics over the years….
Presenting the Mermaid Princess

book1 book2

Another portrait

art showBanner

Lydia loves doing family portraits This one was done with grease crayons on a wipe board, so it sadly was not permanent.

Interestingly enough, she says it’s harder to draw Daddy than any of the other people in the family.


Lydia’s Butterfly

art showBanner

The project was to create an image of somethign from a list using found materiakls from outside. Lydia choose a butterfly and then weh notu to find things to make it out of. She selected these items and this is what she came up with.

I’m stunned at how beautiful the concept is.



Lydia’s monster book

art showBanner

Lydia of course, knows that I like monsters. Lately she’s been creating books by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing in it. This is a monster book she created for me.

art  Lydia monster2 copy


art showBanner

One of Lydia’s mother’s favorite outfits to put her in is her giraffe outfit. Lydia has worn it to the zoo more than once. So one day she decided to put on  the giraffe outfit and draw the animal itself!

art  Lydia giraffee

Maddie’s Scarecrow

art showBanner

I just like this..although sometimes  that stick seems to pop up…..


New shelves

art showBanner

Okay…perhaps I’m pushing the definition of “art” here. Still, I’m very proud of this. You see, one of my large bookshelves collapsed. We had to replace it and I always get those build-it-yourself kits. Well Maddie inisisted on helping, and here she is building a bookshelf. A whole new kind of skill….

1157550_689156467795446_776280322_n 1497604_689156437795449_767833849_n 1524683_689156464462113_134845697_n


Lyds and Carmel

art showBanner

Last month it was Maddie drawing one of her friends. This month Lydia presents her favorite friend…her and her kitty Carmel.

art  Lydia peoplr


art showBanner

We did a superhero themed program last winter, and to end it we did a big blow out, two nights…like a VBS. One of the craft projects was to create shields….so here’s not only Maddie and Lydia…but all ofthier Church friends too!

1456095_679130342131392_1343202741_n 1499662_679130285464731_1618785635_n


art showBanner

Last year we attended the Superman day over at Carol and John’s comic shop. Well, the character intrigued Lydia and she decided one day to draw her own!



art showBanner

Maddie’s been pretty invested in her Lego creations after watching the Lego movie…She’s very proud of these and I think it count’s as some kind of art! Look! A spaceship!



art showBannerTangled is one of Lydia’s favorite movies. This is her rendition of Rapunzel. I’m actually impressed she even got the tower in the background!

art  Lydia rapunzle


art showBanner

Today we have a Frankenstien picture. Maddie was watching the munsters and decided to try and draw Herman!


Mermaid art

art showBanner

It’s a new year and this feature has a new name. Last year I found Lydia was contributing to this column just as much as her sister so it’s only fair she get some credit here too!

Today Lydia is trying to draw her Mermaid doll on her water mat. She starts by tracing around it and then filling in details!

100_4206 100_4207 100_4208 100_4209 100_4210 100_4211 100_4212