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Maddie’s Monthly Art Show

Fairies and Ballet girls

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Fairies and Ballet girls. That’s what’s on Lyd’s mind these days, see?


One of the things I’m enjoying here is seeing her develop a style, a certian way she draws bodies. You can see a discinct diffrence here from the kind of things I post fro mher sister!


From Egg to Frog

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A paper plate folded in  half, I never would have thought of that…It’s just so cute and built around a poem Maddie loves.




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This was an illustration of you family and something they like. I love that our cat Carmel is in this one too, and the event is family nights where we pop popcorn and watch special movies!


Dear Ant

art showBannerThis is just hilarious. “Dear Ant, I will squash you because you scare my sister!”


100 days 100 crayons

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Lydia also had a 100 days of  school project. She went a little more traditional, but still very creative, doing a varaition on a project she remembered from preschool.


She got a canvas  and started by gluing 100 crayons round it, framing the edge.


Then got a hair dryer.


the dryer melts the crayons and you just let them drip, perhaps moving the canvas around a bit to mix and help direct streaks. The end result is absolutely beautiful.


Thanksgiving Mermaids (and seahorses)

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I think “Thanksgiving Mermaids” pretty much sums it up.


Lost Dog

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Lydia had to create a lost dog poster. Not hard, she’s always really wanted one!


Good Citizen book

art showBannerWe’ve been throwing a couple extra one of these column this year just for fun and I thought this was a particularly interesting piece. It’s a good citizenship book Lydia drew for school – this is a lot of work for a little girl!

10525873_10203618715779232_538290263600832267_n 11067602_10203618715859234_690180467977231451_n 11096511_10203618717099265_8255844978960498195_n 11121111_10203618715899235_2774071036567056713_n 11149319_10203618717139266_9078158565543862379_n 11150229_10203618715819233_998534743689313720_n 11150455_10203618715699230_7517200238538802077_n

100 days 100 years

art showBannerAt school there’s usually a project for the first 100 days of school. It usually has to involve 100 things, but Maddie decided on something diffrent. This is a person that is 100 years old. The hair is whit cotton, but what’s REALLY cool is the skin, made of paper bag paper and wrinkled up. It’s just such a great idea and I love that it was hers and not mine.



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Maddie has a big thing for the Wizard of Oz – meet the Scarecrow!


My Room

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This is cool ,because it REALLY IS a good description of Maddie and Lydia’s room, including the bunk beds and costume closet…


Cow goes Moo

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The Cow goes “moo!”.

And has an ovapositor.



art showBannerMaddie kind of needs to work on  her handwriting. I can  tell it’s  a sketch about playing dress up….but I’m not sure what they’re dressing as or who with….


More with Rick and Jack!

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This is just her getting warmed up and drawing out the characters – and what makes them diffrent.


Jack and Rick

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I think he’s surfing…..



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Newskitty. That’s the only thing I can think of that describes this…but I really like the concept.

Besides, Lydia loves animals.




art showBannerSelfie project for Maddie, but just decorating her phone pic wasn’t enough, she had to draw a self portrait too!



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This is a portrait of Maddie did of her and her friend George. She’s known him since they were babies.  I love the beautiful rainbow colored frame….

art  Maddie Friend

Maddie’s bird cage

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A favorite of her mother and her grandmother, Maddie did this birdcage in watercolors. Her grandmother demanded it be framed and put in her home where it hangs today.


Lydia’s Butterfly

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The project was to create an image of somethign from a list using found materiakls from outside. Lydia choose a butterfly and then weh notu to find things to make it out of. She selected these items and this is what she came up with.

I’m stunned at how beautiful the concept is.



Lydia’s monster book

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Lydia of course, knows that I like monsters. Lately she’s been creating books by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing in it. This is a monster book she created for me.

art  Lydia monster2 copy


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One of Lydia’s mother’s favorite outfits to put her in is her giraffe outfit. Lydia has worn it to the zoo more than once. So one day she decided to put on  the giraffe outfit and draw the animal itself!

art  Lydia giraffee

Maddie’s Scarecrow

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I just like this..although sometimes  that stick seems to pop up…..


Lyds and Carmel

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Last month it was Maddie drawing one of her friends. This month Lydia presents her favorite friend…her and her kitty Carmel.

art  Lydia peoplr