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Composite Superman!


Marvel ClixWay back on Saint Patrick Day, we Jessie ran a game over at Warzone where the characters had to either wear green as their primary costume or be irish. I watched the rules clarifications on Facebook and saw that green skin was okay.

scanI figured Everybody would be using Green Lantern, Green Arrow or the Hulk (I wasn’t wrong by the way) I wanted something different, so I pulled my Composite Superman.

This is one of those characters I grew up reading about in DC’s Who’s Who, and has really been my favorite figure out of the Superman set. I was always a little surprised at how well he plays. For 180 points, I suppose he’d better be a decent charater, but still, it’s always a surprise at how effective he can be, both with the shape change and more importantly a really deep dial, about nine clicks in all. It’s not just about satying power though, he even managed to take down a Hulk.

Hulk Smash

Also on the team were Quicksilver and Vision. Quicksilver was another really pleasant surprise with his arrogant attack – essentially hypersonic with flurry. I kept using him as a hit and run. He’s everything I could want from a Flash figure….except HE’S NOT THE FLASH!!!! Arrrgh!

I threw the Utility Belt on Vision. One of the first times I really came to appreciate it. The belt made the difference a few times on whether or not the attack succeeded. Still, it’s kind of funny to see Vision with the belt on when you’ve got Composite Superman who’s half-Batman in the first place! I’d almost think he had more right to it….even if Vision needed it more. I can kind of see that discussion going something like this :

trio words



Avengers at Warzone

Finally! I think it’s been a month since I got that Avengers starter set and I finally got to break them out last night at Warzone

I’ve been looking forward to playing these. I really like seeing toy based on  the movie costumes instead of the comic ones, it’s a nice alternative. I’ll probably be all over the Dark Knight ones that are out now too.

The thing I really liked about these though was that you could just grab the starter set and pretty much be done. Other than Nick Fury, all the characters I really wanted to get are represented here. You’ve pretty much got the whole team. 

The game last night required me to have a scientist, a robot and a monster, so I added Hulk Robot and the Hulk figure from the last wave (Seriously? No monster keyword on the AVM Hulk?). I also threw in Spidey and MJ to hit the point total. I hate 1000 point games. While MJ met a spectacular demise (Doppelganger Spider-Man literaly ripped through her to get to the figure behind her!) Spidey himself actually was my last man standing. Those super-Senses really do wonders….and there’ll be a comic up about that showdown eventually.

I think Cap did the most damage, though that was less skill and more about being in the right place at the right time. I’d also really like to know why Thor doesn’t have indomitable or at least Willpower on the first couple of clicks. Seriously. He’s a god. Two actions in a row shouldn’t be pushing.

I like big free for all games. We had four players on one map and I’m a fan of that format. I kept my team mostly together and picked off who I could, but mostly hung back and let a lot of the action just go on around me. By the end it was obvious Aaron was going to get first place so I made sure he was the one who killed my last couple of figures instead of Sam – it got me second.

What was really cool was getting that Nick Fury in the prize draw. Like I said, he was pretty much the only other Avenger I really wanted and everyone was considerate enough not to grab him first. I also scored a SHIELD Agent. I know he’s not Colson, but you know what? As far as I’m concerned, he’s close enough.

Considering I walked in to that game intending to get flattened because I was using a bunch of figures I’d never played before it turned out to be a really nice night. Probably won’t make it back to Warzone untill next month, but I might hit Infinite Monkey in a week or two to try out my Avengers again.

You know what? I feel like watching the Avengers movie while I work on some Violent Blue. See you tomorrow.