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Lydia was feeling sick tonight and ended up staying home with Daddy insted of going to her uncle’s birthday party. While we were sitting at home she asked for a scary movie, so I pulled out the animated version of Phantom of the Opera. This Phantom is kind of mild, but they hit most of the story points pretty faithfully, and Lydia got it. She cringed during the tense parts and at the end she pointed at the Phantom and said “He’s being a nice guy!” when he let Raoul and Christine go.

Now if only there was an animated version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre….maybe the comic books….

Or maybe we’ll just stick with Violent Blue. The Squirrel is showing up Friday.


Rain Day and new comics

So  the art show got rained out yesterday. I’m a little upset about that. However, I guess it gives me more time to prep. On the other hand, the date  that was mentioned for the rain date is the last day of Cinema Wasteland. I’m even more upset about that. Grrrr. I guess I’ll live.

Any how, a new Violent Blue is up, and if that’s not enough Violent Blue, there’s also a VB strip up today over at Whose Line is it Anywhoo

See todays strip here :

and my guest strip over at Whose Line here :

Now I’m off to meet up for Heroclix at War Zone games in Parma. I should be there around six or so if anyone else wants to play.

250 Violent Blue strips!

Wow. 250th strip. Let’s celebrate with some Batman….

Visit us here:

Last Blind Date

Non blind date comics will resuem on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy some Acid T. Squrriel

Acid doesn’t play top five games.

That can only mean, a new Violent Blue is up. See it here: