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Robot Monster






Tom Servo probably has the right idea. There goes the neighborhood….





The Muppet Show


No need to fight over little old, MOI!



Run away!


Last Man on Earth


Morgan! Come out Morgan!


Robot Monster part 2



Critters visit The Muppet Show


Sometimes you have to feel kind of bad for Kermit…




Vincent Price



1975 Ghostbusters!



With the re-release of the classic Real Ghostbuster figures, I suddenly had access to some custom fodder, and finally decided to create modern versions of the 1975 Ghost Busters….much like my Tracy costume.

A couple of Rays provided the bodies for Kong and Tracy, with a planet of the Apes head from the flea market topping off my monkey. I dremmeled open the chest, to make it look like the jumpsuits are unzipped. I then painted the GB symbol on Tracy and a collegiate sports looking 75 on Kong, reminisant of the shirts Forrest Tucker wore on the show.

To create Kong’s hat, I made a mold of a Fozzie bear hat, then cast it in hot glue, attaching it to his head while warm.

Finally, I scuffed up a Venkman, dremmeling up his hair to give him a center part and aged up his face with some paint, then hot guled him up a tie. To make him disctinct, and more like Larry Storch’s Spencer I repainted his jumpsuit blue. I see a lot more of these blue overalls on the clearance isles, and throwing it in with the tan ones really works well.

Finally, I really wanted them to have a “pet”, like Slimer, but more schlocky….a Killer tomato is just the trick! I carry one around when I do Kong, and I already had a recipie for creating hot glue ones, using a mold made from the jack-o-lantern that came with the Toony Terrors Michael Myers figure.

Here they are….Ghostbusters 1975!





BenSpidey-710x1024Every year during SanDiego Comic Con, Carol and John’s comic shop holds thier annual “Not at Comic Con” sale. Last year they partnered with the local North East Ohio Toy and Collectibles Club to host a swap meet in addition to the sale. The event was held just a few feet down fro the store, in the empty space CnJs uses for Free Comic Book Day. I missed it last year, but decided to pop in after Church and look around for a few minuets before heading home – I’m still looking for a Twiki to go with my Buck Rogers collection. I figured I’d be in and out real quick, after all, how big could it be?

You see that graphic? The one that says “Over 40 tables” with the number 40 crossed out and replaced with 70? THAT’S how big it could be. Forty tables crammed into the FCBD space with people shoulder to shoulder looking over wares. Outside, vendor tables lined the walls, stretching along the sidewalk from the grocery store to the Dollar Tree, with more occupying the space in front of the comic store. In the parking lot, a large section had been roped off, with tents and another twenty or more tables popping up amoungst the cars. There were more vendors than 67705163_2599502666760807_4923164807739211776_n_2599502663427474some comic conventions I’ve been too. It was like a smaller flea market, but without the porcelain teddy bears and antique lamps. Nothing but toys and comics and books as far as the eye could see.

What surprised me was the amount of comics on sale. Tons of quarter bins and fifty cent comics. They may actually have outnumbered the dollar comics. I’ve lamented in recent years that the quarter bins seem to be vanishing from the convention scene – and to be fair, there were more here than I’ve seen at any recent conventions I’ve gone to, nevertheless, this gives me hope. I went crazy in these longboxes, grabbing dozens of issues – particularly Superman and Dark Avengers.

I never did locate a Twiki (or any other Buck Rogers toys for that matter) and I must say I showed admirable restraint in not pulling the triger on MULTIPE Talon Fighters, complete with Point Dread.  I picked up two Sabrina mangas for Maddie for a dollar each (and sour patch kids for Lydia next door at the dollar store – have to be fair!), as well as a cute Hulkbuster plushie and a Masters of the Universe Snakeman, also for a dollar each. The Snakemen may not have 67061464_2599504800093927_5906164087422713856_n_2599504790093928been my favorite of the He-Man villians, but for a buck? I’m buying that Rattlor!

The real find of the day though (and the one that, combined with the quarter bins, made me go over budget) was a loose Doctor Who figure. It’s a #3 – My doctor. Even more importantly, he was in green, and wearing calf boots. He was perfect and priced so low that it was a steal.  I can’t even begin to express how excited this purchase made me.

I couldn’t believe I’d been there almost two hours. I never expected something so big or to find the deals that I did. This was actually pretty fun, and may just become a regular annual stop for me.