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Doctor Strange-Mite

CostumeSometimes it’s not enough to just dress Bat-Mite up, sometimes you have to go full poster…..


Justice League vs. Mr. Freeze

CostumeWe did this one at the Heros United event Epipens for Murry Ridge!

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Shenanigans with Bat-Mite


I built Bat-Mite as an accessory for characters like Mr. Freeze to carry at events where carrying a weapon might be frowned upon. He’s been a great deal of fun to play with, and he even dresses up himself sometimes!


What do you mean "There's something behind me"?

What do you mean “There’s something behind me”?

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

Nothing freaks Deadpool out more than Bat-Mite....

Nothing freaks Deadpool out more than Bat-Mite….



Iron Mite!

Iron Mite!

More moodboards

cosplay-bannerRemember the moodboards I was doing last week? Well, Bat Mite threw a fit so I made him one too…though with him it’s more just a collage.
My unique Iron Man is probably the other suit I’m best known for…even as it evolves.