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Clowntown actually reminds me a great deal of the remake for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre… But with clowns.

Do I have your attention now? Good.

We have a group of people heading out to a concert in southern Ohio, but they get lost and stop at a diner for directions. They direct them along in the road heading towards their destination, but once back on the road one of the girls realizes she’s lost her phone. She calls it, and someone answers… Presumably someone from the diner who picked it up. He says he can meet at a small town just down the road.

Of course it’s a trap, and the small town is being terrorized by a gang of evil clowns. The kids car is sabotaged and it’s now a race to survive the night.

It’s interesting because we get just enough backstory on the clowns themselves, just a sprinkle. It’s very much a gangster piece, with these characters holding the entire town hostage. It feels like that sort of pervasive terror, where everywhere you turn, people are in thrall to the bad guys, and there’s no safety anymore. It’s a vibe I picked up from the TCM remake, as well as films like Race the Devil.

While it’s not bad, it’s certainly average. I’ve never quite understood the creepy clown thing, especially when in this case, they’re just people… Not monsters and demons, not aliens, just people in costume. The scariest thing about them is that perhaps they are willing to commit murder…and maybe, you’re not.

All in all, very average.



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