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Work Snug

Found a cute little App for my phone I wanted to share.

I’m on the road a whole lot and it’s not unusual for me to need to hook up to a wifi hotspot to check something. I have NO data plan on my phone so I rely on places like McDonalds and The Library for my internet access. That’s where today’s app comes in handy.

For traveling computer users who can get lost going to the corner market, there’s WorkSnug, a free app for Android and iOS that not only finds the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot but also uses the device’s camera to superimpose its whereabouts on a live picture of your surroundings and leads you right to it.

I’m loving this app, and using it all the time. Hope it helps you out too. I wonder if Steve over at Violent Blue has this on his phone?



John McAfee arrested…wait…what?

This just seems like one of the more bizarre stories to hit the tech world in a long time

Apparently John McAfee, the creator of the ubiquitous anti-virus software, has been wanted in Belize for some time now over the shooting death of his neighbor.

He decided to flee, and seek asylum in Guatemala. Then the Central American country’s immigration police for entering the country illegally.

McAfee choose Guatamala because he wanted “…a place where there is some sanity,”

McAfee said that in Guatemala, the locals aren’t surprised when he says the Belizean government is out to kill him.

“Instead of going, ‘You’re crazy,’ they go, ‘Yeah, of course they are,'” he said. “It’s like, finally, I understand people who understand the system here.”

McAfee says once his troubles are behind him, he has not ruled out moving back to the United States

Is it unprofessional for me to end this post with the word “Facepalm”? I gotta go read some Violent Blue. The talking squirrel makes more sense than this.

Battle for the game market

An interesting bit of news I ran across on the PC Repair on Wheels blog. For the 2011 fiscal year (April 2011 through March 2012), Nintendo posted a historic first-ever net loss of $530 million dollars.

You know, especially for people of a certain age, Nintendo is a big deal. Sure they’ve been eclipsed by Sony and Microsoft in the last decade, but they are still iconic in the gaming world and have always been the masters of the handheld game devices. No one has ever really been able to beat Nintendo when it comes to portable. Sony came close, but never really overtook them. That’s where this gets interesting.

“What went wrong was that sales of the 3DS didn’t take off as we expected,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said (via Bloomberg). ”

So what’s going on here? What’s different now than in years past? It’s the smart phone.  Smart phones have been around for a while, but more and more cell phone companies are transitioning to those exclusively. As contracts expire and new ones start up, more people than ever are getting smart phones and the game market for the smart phone is exploding. It’s the first real competiton for the handheld market Nintendo has ever faced, and the battle is on.

I wonder how Steve over at Violent Blue feels about this?

There’s nothing like starting the day off with a power supply bursting into flames… Power on the PC, smoke starts billowing out of the case……

Then I checked this morning’s Violent Blue to make sure it posted. I schedule two weeks to a month of strips at a time (much like a syndicated artist does) so I don’t worry about posting them manually every day. I also work about a year ahead of the current strip so it’s easy to lose track of what gets posted when.

Todays strip is just a little too close to recent events around us for me to be entirely comfortable about it. Also too many page views for me to just pull it. Synchronicity is a drag.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, cool. If you know exactly what I’m talking about, rest assured no slight was ment, this was completely unintentional. Yes, I am that mean, but if I’d done it on purpose I’d be taking credit for it, not making excuses.

That one’s gonna be up all weekend too isn’t it? Maybe it’s time for some filler art to get it off the main page.

The website updates never end.

Working on some website face lifting over at Violent Blue. Added a FB activity monitor and reshaped the flag counter. I swear, if I could just get a nice side column of links and stuff (move the facebook feed, get a blog feed, stuff like that….I’m not the code ninja that the squrrel is) next to the comic frame I’d be done…and could get back to important stuff, like making comics.

In other news, the flag counter has registered our 20th country. I find that to be really exciting.

Finally, we all know Captian America is opening this week, and it is playing at one of my preferred theatres (the Lorain Palace) so I’m definately going, probably next week. We’re in the middle of a story arc though, so I don’t know that there will be a comic based on it. If there is, it’ll be late.

There’s another Whose Line strip up, along with the next installment of  Violent Blue. Find them here: