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And here’s the recap:

New Violent Blue is up today. Go take a look at that while I think up something to do for Whose Line is it Anywho?

New Violent Blue

New Violent Blue is up. I’ll admint, I concevied this entire storyline JUST so I could use that last punchline about allergies.

See it here :

New Violent Blue is up.

We’re still continuing the blind date arch, over here at Violent Blue

However,  it’s also come to my attention that Whose Line snuck up one of my strips when I wasn’t looking. If you’re into Doctor Who, this is hilarious. If not, it’s probably just confusing.

Also fair to note, this strip was entirely done with my new graphics tablet. Still working out the bugs.

Happy reading, and eventually I’ll get around to talking abotu going to see Transformers and hamlet last week (Not at the tsame time, but still.)


new Violent Blue today. Hmmm, we’re three strips in to this Blind Date Arc and still haven’t actually gone on the date…..this could be a long one….

View it here: