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Great Lakes Comic Con

Great Lakes Comic Con has The distinction of being one of those shows that I say confidently, I consistently have fun at. I enjoyed this one, despite the massively long drive. I was grateful to see that they survived the government lock down, however we still skipped last year because because of the lingering mask mandate. We nearly missed this year as well. My Saturday had gotten booked with a funeral, and the associated events that go with such a thing. There was no way we were going to be able to sneak off to Detroit on Saturday. We still wanted to go though, and there were people there I wanted to meet. We resolved to hit the show on Friday instead.

The problem with going on Friday is the hours are significantly shortened, and there’s little or no programming. That was the case here, but I figured I’d be spending most of my night standing in lines waiting for autographs. Maddie too, was eager to hit as many conventions as possible this year. It’s been a while since she’s been to this one. She broke out her Todoroki while I looked for something soft and flexible. Since I wasn’t competing in the costume contest Saturday, I wanted something I could move around in, that would leave my hands free and my vision unobscured. It’d been a while since I’d worn the Penguin, and this seem like an ideal fit. We bundled our outfits into the car, and began the 2 and a 1/2 hour trip West.

I always forget how long a line for this show it is. We usually show up a little bit late to try and avoid some of it, but today, time was of the essence. We arrived just as the doors opened, to find the line wrapped around the antechamber. It always bottle necks right at the door, and it’s the one drawback from what is otherwise an excellent venue over at Macomb Community College. Once we finally got inside I made a beeline for the guest aisle. Dan DiDio had no line! I walked right up, and he greeted me with a grin.

“I was just watching Batman returns a couple of days ago on the plane! The movie really holds up.” 

I nodded in agreement and mentioned that I had just screened it for Maddie this Christmas. I then pulled out my copy of ambush bug issue 7 of 6. DiDio Broke out and laughter. You see, this is not a book that he wrote…. he is the editor on it. The more important thing, is how heavily hes featured in it. Ambush bug has always enjoyed making fun Of the management at DC Comics, and DE deo is all over this book.

“Have you ever heard the story of why this book is 7 of 6?”
I’d heard bits and pieces of it, and DiDio proceeded to spend the next ten minutes giving me the entire story of how some pages needed changes, got turned in, and then got lost and buried on his desk for months. By the time they found that they need to make further changes, and a ended up feeling actually the only way they could release it was with the new number in, doing a total gag with the whole thing.

It was wonderful fun to listen to him, and this is exactly the sort of thing that I hit conventions for. We moved on, stopping briefly over at Bill Morrison’s table. He’s charging way too much for a signature on a book, especially when you’ve got a legendary silver age artist like Mike Royer across The aisle, charging half that, and giving all of his proceeds to cancel research charities.

Royer’s line wasn’t long, but it was slow. Part of that is because he likes to talk with the people that are coming up and that’s fun. Part of it’s also because there were several chickenheads in line bringing him huge stacks of books and having him sign them all. Just a gentle reminder, if you roll up to an artist’s table with half a long box full of comics And you intend to get them all signed, just know, everyone in line hates you. Show some class, do a few of the time, get out of line and go back through. Royer looked up at me and gestured towards the fake cigarette in the long stemmed holder I was clutching between my teeth.

“If you were really smoking that! You would have gone through an entire pack by now!” he chuckled apologizing for the long wait. By the time I finally got up to him, he was Interested in chatting about the old Gotham TV show, and the version of the Penguin there appeared
“I didn’t really like the girl on that show… Fish. But that young man playing the Penguin, I can immediately tell who he was. Who he was trying to play… he did something with that character…”

“I think it’s the first time that somebody had really made the Penguin… cool,” I agreed. We went on to talk a little bit about the Marvel television shows, with Daredevil still being his favorite.

All of this was good stuff. I got to surprise Randy Zimmerman with a fairly full run of tails from the Aniverse, as well as chatting up Chris Scalf, the cover artist for Realm Comics long forgotten Battlestar Galactica run. Grabbed a couple of great cover autographs from from Tom Nguyen and Angel Medina, as well as grabbing Tom Orzechowski to sign the last of my X-Men collections. I had pulled a couple of Spider-Man issues for Kieth Pollard to sign, but passed when I saw he was charging $20. He wasn’t interested in me being there either an barely looked up from the sketch he was drawing. (it’s sad that I’ve been priced out of the game so much – and I certainly wasn’t going to pay forty or sixty dollars for the Disney Star Wars actors in attendance). Maddie had since taken off to do her own thing, so I figured it’s about time that I found her and we did the dealer’s room proper.

I must say, for such a vast dealer’s room, I wasn’t finding a whole lot of stuff I was interested in. A single lego figure, and only a handful of books. No quarter bins, no fifty cent bins, dollar or more. Still, it gave me a chance to fill some holes in my star trek collection. I’m already regretting passing on some of those cheap figures I was looking at as well There was a nice looking like solution in a suit, but the scale was one that I don’t usually collect. I probably should have any help. In another bed I found little John from Robin hood Prince of thieves. I’ve actually started collecting these figures loose, just for the lunacy of the reused superpowers sculpts. The problem is, you get into some of these ones like little John, and it looks More mad Max than Robin hood. They’re practically unrecognizable without the soft goods covering them. Still, I could have taken him home and made him a leather jerkin or something. Next time.

The real find of the day was the hauntingly bizarre plushy captain Kirk from star trek the motion picture. Sitting in a $5 bin, I’ve never seen one of these before and immediately had to have it. The vendor told me that they made spark as welcome but he hasn’t ever seen 1. Looks like I’ve got something to look out for on my next trip.

We actually stayed the entire time, leaving a mere 15 minutes before the door is closed. You definitely try to make the most out of the day, although I’ll admit, The shortened Friday with no panels just wasn’t worth the long drive both ways. I think in the future, it’s gonna be Saturday or nothing. Still, I’m glad we went, and I’m happy to see the show is back And good as our. Maddie did her own review, but you’ll find below, and then pass that tons of pictures!





Comic Creator Autographs spring 2023

It’s that time again. Con season is starting up and you want to figure out your budget for the next show coming to your town! Well we’ve got a massive update in almost alphabetical order! However, it comes with the usual disclaimer. Some of this information may now be out of date, and I’ll just say I noticed a lot of those guys who were $5 pre-pandemic shoot up to $10 In fact, I was shocked at how many of them were $20!!! Congratulations guys. I’m skipping your table from now on. Keep that in mind. While I try to keep up to date as best I can, may be wrong here and there. Still, at least it lets you know who generally charges and who doesn’t. A lot of people have switched columns, and a lot of the offerings (i.e. “3 free then $ after that”) have also changed.  I’ll update as I can, and if I’ve got pricing wrong, please feel free to let me know.

As always, I’m trying not to discuss the pros and cons of comic professionals charging for autographs (although I’m starting to really be bothered by some of these higher priced ones and I’ll admit my general kevetching is starting to creep in). Ultimately, I’m acknowledging the reality of modern convention economics. This is a little something to help you know what to expect when you go to a con so you don’t get blindsided. A lot of artists don’t have autograph charges clearly displayed and frequently con websites either don’t have this information or are asked not to display it (something I find dishonest and am getting increasingly fed up with). Here’s my current list – in sort-of alphabetical order. It’s not exhaustive by any means, things may change next month or next year. We’ll update and repost from time to time (So check the timestamp and maybe do a quick site search to make sure this is the LATEST update!).

Amanda Conner – first 1 free, $5 each after that
Aaron Campbell – First 5 free, then $5 each
Aaron Lopresti – First 5 free, then $1 each

Me so excited to meet Gerry Conway I forgot to open my eyes!

Adam Hughes – 5 free, then $5 each
Adam Kubert – $10 each, $20 for witnessed
Alex Saviuk – $10
Arvell Jones – $5
Al Milgrom – $10 per book
Adam Hughes – first five free, then $5
Andrew Robinson – $5 each
Andy Kubert – $10 each, $20 for witnessed
Anna Zhuo – free, graded $10
Ant Lucia – 5 free, then $5 each
Ariel Diaz – $5 each
Ariel Olivetti – first 2 free; then $10 each
Arthur Adams – 3 free then $5 each
Bart Sears – $5 each
Brad Anderson – $5 each
Benjamin Percy – $5 each
Bill Sienkiewicz – $25 each
BILL MORRISON – has started charging $10
Brett Breeding -$5
Brian Azzarello – $5, except for graded items and Batman:Damned
Bo Hampton – $10 each
Bob Camp – $30
Bob Wiacek – $2 (He might make you a deal for multiple issues)
Bob Hall – free for the first issue, or if you purchase a something from the table, otherwise $5
Bob Layton- $5 for CGC graded signings, otherwise free

Kevin Eastman loved my Borg suit

Bob Mcloud – one for free, then $5
Bob Budiansky -first 5 free, then $5 each
Bill Sienkiewicz – two for free, then $3, $10 for CGC
Bob Camp – $10w
Bob Hall – $5 each
Bob McLeod – First $5, then $10 each
Bob Sharen – $2 each
Bob Wiacek – $5 each
Bret Blevins – 2 free then $5
Brett Breeding – $10 each
Brian Azzarello – $10
Bruce Timm $5 each
Carl Potts – 1 free personalized, then $30
Cary Nord – 3 free, then $5 each
Chad Hardin – $5 each
Charles Soule – first 3 free, then $5 each after that, $10 CGC grading signings
Chris Clarmont – first free, then $20
Chris Bachalo – $5 each, $10 for graded. $10 for sig and doodle, $25 for graded and doodle (though some shows only $2 each for charity)
Chris Warner – $5 each
Clay Mann – first 2 are free; $5 each after that
Clayton Crain – $5 each regular; $10 for Infinity (multicolored sigs) ; $10 witnessed
Cody Ziglar – $5 each
Craig Kyle – $10 each
Creees Lee – $5 each
Cully Hamner – 2 raw free, then $5 each.  Graded $10
D.G. Chichester – $5 per
Dan Slott – 2 free then $5
Dan Green – $5 each
Dan Jurgens – 2 free then $5
Dan Panosian – $5 each
Daniel Warren Johnson – raw free, duplicates $5, graded $20
Danny Fingeroth – first 5 are free, then $5 each unless you buy a book
Darryl Banks – Has recently started charging $5
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels – $50 per personal item, comics at table for $40 signed and posters for $20 signed
David Finch – $5
Dave Gibbons – $1 a book

Nolan signs some bat-issues!

Dave Johnson – 1 or 2 free; then $5
David Mack – $10 each
David Michelinie – $15
Dennis Culver – $5 each
Don Glut – $10
Donny Cates – $10
Don McGregor – $5 per signature
Drew Struzan – $80
Ed McGuinness – $10 each
Edgar Delgado – $5 CGC grading signings
Ed McGuinness – $10 each
Emanuela Lupacchino – $5 each
Esad Ribic – 1 free, $10 after
Evan “Doc” Shaner – 2 free, then $5 ea
Fabian Nicieza – $10 for anything Deadpool/New Mutants/X-Men/X-Force/Cable/Cable & Deadpool, $20 for witnessed, all other comics free
Fiona Staples – $20 CGC grading signings (otherwise free)
Frank Cho – $5 each
Frank Miller – $80 each for or $100 witnessed
Frank Tieri – $5
Garth Ennis – $5 each
Geoff Isherwood – I’ve heard $5 each (may sign 1 free with print purchase), but at Fantasticon 2023, he didn’t charge me at all for the three books I brought. Perhaps that’s show specific?
Graham Nolan – first one free, $5 after that
Greg Capullo – $10 each
Georges Jeanty – 5 free, then $5 ea  ($10 each for Mandalorian comics none free)
Gerry Conway – $20 each
Glenn Fabry – $10 each
Gerhard $10
Greg Horn – Comics before 2014: 1st 3 are free then $5 each….Comics after 2014: $10 each. Even new comics from his booth cost $10 more to sign.
Greg Land – First 3 free, then $5 each; $10 for multiple copies
Howard Chaykin – $10 each; $15 each for Star Wars, $20 graded
Howard Mackie – $10 each, $30 graded
Humberto Ramos – $10 each, $20 if graded
J Hammond – $30 sketch cards

With Dan DiDio!

JM DeMatteis – $5 each
J. Michael Straczynski – $10 each for some items
J Scott Campbell – first 1 is free, $15 each after that
Jae Lee – $10 each, $20 if graded
Jay Leisten – 1st free; then $5 each (he may make deal if personalized or larger stack)
James Tynion IV – first 3 free, $5 each after
Jason Fabok – 1st free, then $5 each
Jeff Dekal – 1 book free, then $5 each
Jeph Loeb – $20 each
Javier Saltares – Free if personalized or $5 if not
Jerry Bingham – $10 each
Jerry Ordway – $3 each
Jim Shooter – Ranges from free to $25, depending on agent at the show (Always been free when I’ve met him)
Joe Sinnott – $10 per book
Jim Lee – $50
Jim Starlin -$10 per book (goes to Heroes Initiative)
Joe Giella- $4 per book
J. O’Barr – $5
Jae Lee- $5
John Romita Jr – three for free, then $2. $10 for CGC grading.
Jose Delbo – $5
Joe Rubinstein – $20 ($50 for Wolverine)
Jimmy Palmiotti – first 1 free, $5 each after that


With the legendary Denny O’Neil!

Jim Zub – 1st free, then $5 each
Joelle Jones – 1st three free, $5 each after, graded sigs $20
Joe Giella – $4 each; $15 graded
Joe Jusko – 2 free then $5 each
Joe Quesada – $50 each
Joe Rubinstein – $10 each
J Scott Campbell $10
John Cassandry $10
John Beatty – $5
Jim Sternako charges $50 per item last I checked – and that includes items and prints BOUGHT FROM HIS TABLE. Also, do not ask for a photo with him.
John Bolton – first 5 free, then $5 each
John Cassaday – $5 each
John Romita Jr – $20 each in June 2022;  $45 for Dragon Con 2022
John Timms – 3 free, then $5 each
John Giang – $15 per
Jonathon Glapion- $10 ea
Jonboy Meyers – 2 books free, then $5 per signature
Jose Delbo – $10 each; $25 if graded
Josh Cassara – 3 free, then $5
Josh Williamson – first 3 free; $5 each after that
Julian Tedesco – 1st free, then $5 each
Keith Champagne – $5 each
Keith Giffen – 1st free, then $5 each
Keith Williams – $5 each
Ken Lashley – $5 each
Keith Pollard – $20
Kevin Eastman – first is free, $20 after that (He also doodles on the items!)
Keith Giffen – 1st book free, $5 per book after
Klaus Janson– $10, $20
Kyle Hotz – $5
Len Wein – $5, $20 CGC grading signings, $25 for Hulk 181, Giant Size X-Men #1 or House of Secrets #92.


Larry Hama wondering what he’s gotten himself into….

Larry Hama will sign two items for free if personalized, then $20 each
Lee Bermejo – 3 free; Batman Damned is $25 per issue
Lee Weeks – 2 free (personalized), $5 each after
Liam Sharp – $10 each
Lovern Kindzierski – $5 each
Matteo Scalera – $20 CGC grading signings
MIKE ROYER – $5 (For cancer research)
Mike Zeck – $5
Marv Wolfman – one free (I’ve heard elsewhere it’s two for free, but in his last interview he said one), $5.00 after that
Mark Texeria- one personalized signature free, $10 per book after or unpersonalized
Marat Mychaels – $5 each
Marc Laming – $5 each
Marc Silvestri – $10 each
Marguerite Bennett – $5 each
Mark Bagley – Personalized are free, Non-personalized $10; Witnessed $20
Mark Brooks – first 3 free, then $5 after. CGC are $10, except Avengers 684 is $20
Mark Irwin – 1st free, then $5 each
Mark Waid – 2 free, then $5 ea, unless personalized
Marv Wolfman – $5 each
Matteo Scalera – 1 or 2 free then $5 each, $20 for witnessed
Matthew Clark – personalized free; non-personalized $10 each
Matthew Rosenberg – first 5 free, then $5 each
Meredith Finch – first 2 or 3 free per day, $5 each after that (at Fan expo Dallas 2018, Fri and Sat were 3 free, Sunday was 2 free)
Mico Suayan – $5
Mitch Gerads – 2 free, then $5
Michael Golden- $20 per book
Mike Grell – $10 each, $15 for CGC

Mike Huddleston – $5 raw, $25 graded
Mike Mayhew – $10 each
Mike McKone – Personalized are free, Non-personalized $10
Mike DeCarlo – $4 each
Mike del Mundo – $5 raw, $25 graded
Mike Zeck – $5 each, $10 for witnessed

Golden age artist Mike Royo! Magnus Robot Fighter for the win!

Mirka Andolfo – 1 free then $5
Mitch Gerads – 2 free then $5 each
Nick Spencer – 1st free, then $5 each
Olivier Coipel – $10 each
Pablo Marcos – $5 for 1; $12 for 3; or $30 for 10
Paris Cullins – $5 each
Pat Broderick – $10 each
Patrick Gleason – 1 free then $5 each
Paul Azaceta – First 5 free, then $5 each
Paul Gulacy – $5 each; $10 Master of Kung Fu
Paul Kupperberg – $10
Paul Pope – 2 free then $10 each
Peter Tomasi – $5 each
J Scott Campbell Signing Fee: $30
Ron Frenz -$3
Ron Lim – 1st book free, $10 per book after
Rob Liefeld -$40 each, $60 for X-Force 11, $80 for New Mutants 87, 98, add $20 for witnessed
Robert Kirkman – $50
Rags Morales – $5 each
Ramon Perez – 1 or 2 free; then $5
Randy Emberlin: $10 per book
Rick Hoberg – $10 each
Rod Reis – $5 each
Rodney Ramos – $5
Ron Garney – $10 each ($40 BRZRKR)
Ron Lim – $10 each
Ron Marz –  is now up to $10 each, $20 graded. So much for “Since it seems to be the topic of the day: no charge for signatures. If you bought the books, the least I can do is sign ’em.
Ron Wilson – $10 each
Rick Hoberg – $10 each

Jon Bogdanove scribbles on my Superman weddding album and Steel trade paperback!

Ron Lim – $10
Rudy Nebres – $5 each
Ryan Ottley – $20
Ryan Parrott – $5 each
Sal Velluto – $10 each, $25 for toys/funko
Sam De la Rosa – $10; $25 Venom LP #1
Sam Humphries – 3 free, then $5 each after
Sam Kieth – 2 free, then $10 each after
Scott Hanna – $20 each
Scott Lobdell – $5 for first group of 10 books, $10 for next group of 10 (sometimes signs free at smaller shows)
Scott Snyder – $10 each
Scott Williams – 1 free, then $
Sean Gordon Murphy – 5 free, then $5 each
Sergio Aragones – 1st 3 free, then $2 each
Shane Davis – $5 each
Shannon Maer – $20
Simon Bisley – $10 per signature
Skottie Young – $5 each at Heroes Con 2022
Sozomaika – $10 each
Stan Sakai – 1st 3 free, then $2 each
Stephanie Phillips – $5 ea ($10 Grim #1)
Stephen Segovia – 3 free then $10 each
Steve Englehart – $10 ea
Steve Geiger – $10 – be careful if you buy something off his table. He overcharges after signing and doubles his price.
Steve Lavigne – $10 each
Steve Orlando – $5 each
Simon Bisley – $10 per book
Terry Dodson – 5 free then $1 each after that
Terry Kavanagh – $5
Tim Townsend – $5 each
Tini Howard – 1st free, then $5 each
Todd Nauck – $5 for Phantom variants unless personalized, others free
Tom King – $5 each
Tommy Lee Edwards – $5 each
Tom Taylor – 2 free, then $5 each

Allen Bellman was there at the beginning!

Tom DeFalco $5 each for three or less. After that $20 (“Dealer’s Pricing”)
Tony Isabella $10
Tony Daniel – $10 each
Tony Harris – first free then $5
Tony Moore – $20 walking dead singles, $5 other books, $20 witnessed
Trevor Von Eeden – $10 each
Tyler Kirkham – $10 each, witnessed are more
William Messner-Lobes – $10 (Sometimes first one is free)
Whilce Portacio –$10 for 1st Bishop issues(fee waived with purchase). Other comics free up to 5.
Victor Olazaba – $10
Yanick Paquette – $5

Tip Jar – pay what you want
Some of these are for causes like the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or Heroes Initiative. Others are just personal. I urge you, respect the tip jar. (It’s so much better than autograph fees)

Alan Davis – free with Heroes Tip Jar (up to 10 comics)
Andrew Pepoy – Hero Initiative donation
Ann Nocenti – free with Heroes Initiative tip jar
Billy Tucci
Ben Templesmith
Barry Kitson
Chuck Dixon
Charlie Adlard
Dan Brereton – free with Heroes Tip Jar
Dan Fraga – free with Heroes Tip Jar
Jan Duursema
Jim Calafiore
Joe Staton – free, with tip jar for Hero Initiative
John Ostrander – free with Heroes Initiative tip jarKarl Kesel – free but tip jar for Hero Initiative
Kevin Nowlan – free with Heroes Tip jar
Mark Farmer – free with Heroes Tip Jar
Mark Schultz – free with Heroes Initiative tip jar
Larry Stroman
Peter David
Mike Barr
Mike Mignolia
Rick Leonardi – $1 each toward Hero Initiative
Roy Thomas

Rubinstein’s done just about everything!

Scott Koblish
Timothy Truman
Tom Grummett – Free, with Heroes Tip Jar
Tom Mandrake – free with Heroes Initiative tip jar
Walter Simonson – free with Heroes jar


Adriana Melo
Agnes Garbowska
Al Ewing
Ale Garza
Alex Maleev
Alex Ross – Free with 5 item limit
Alex Sinclair
Allison Sohn
Andrew Dalhouse
Andrew Mangum
Andy Smith
Anna Zhuo – free, graded $10
Ash Maczko
Ashley Witter
Ande Parks
Angel Mediea
Art Thibert
Bill Anderson
Brandon Montclare
Brian Michael Bendis (Be prepared to wait a long time in line)
Bill Willingham
Brendan Fletcher
Bob Almond
Baldemar Rivas
Becky Cloonan
Ben Dunn
Bernard Chang
Bill Anderson
Bill Reinhold
Bob Smith
Brandon Peterson
Brennan Wagner
Brent Peeples
Brian Augustyn
Brian Pulido
Brian Stelfreeze
Budd Root
Carlo Barberi
Cat Staggs
Charles Paul Wilson III
Chris Batista
Chris Marrinan
Chris Stevens
Chris Wictendal
Chuck Palahniuk
Cliff Chiang
Colleen Doran
Cullen Bunn
Christos Gage
Chad Townsend
Carla Speed McNeil
Clayton Crain
Cameron Stewart
Chip Zdarsky
Casey Jones
Dan Brereton
Dirk Manning
Dale Keown
Dan Parent
Darren Auck
Dave Bullock
Dave DeVries
Dave Dorman
David Baron
David F. Walker
Dawn McTeigue
Declan Shalvey
Dennis Hopeless
Diana Greenhalgh
Dexter Vines- free14900529_1294021037284083_6486392154139767345_n
Don Kramer – free
Doug Mahnke
Dustin Weaver
Edgar Delgado – free, $5 for witnessed
Eduardo Risso
Elliot S Maggin
Eric Basaldua EBAS – Free for 15x, then $5 ea
Erik Larsen
Emanuela Lupacchino
Erik Larsen
Evan Dorkin
Fred Van Lente (assuming you can catch him. He dosent do to many shows these days)
Fiona Staples – free, $20 for witnesseed
Francis Manapul
Francisco Herrera
Franco Aureliani
Freddie E Williams
Gerry Dugan
Giuseppe Camuncoli
Glenn Whitmore
Greg LaRocque
Greg Pak
Greg Smallwood
Guillem March
Gail Simone
Gene Ha
Greg Wright
Heather Antos
Ivan Reis


Shooter is still a legend!

Inhyuk Lee – 3 free
Jason Latour
John Ostrander
Joe Staton
Joshua Williamson
Jim Zub
Judd Winick
Jerry Duggan
Jason Aaron
Jeff Schultz
Jacob Chabot
Jonathan Hickman
Jenny Frison
Joe Kelly
Jack Purcell
Jai Nitz – free
James Robinson
Jason Aaron
Jason Latour
Jeff Lemire
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Parker
Jeffrey Moy
Jenny Frison
Jeremy Clark
Jill Thompson
Jim Calafiore
Jim Krueger
Jody Houser
Joe Carmagna
Joe Casey
Joe Corroney

Tony Isabella greets the fans!

Joe Eisma
Joe Prado
Joe Quinones
John Dell
John Layman
Johnny Desjardins
Jonathan Lau
Jonathan Hickman

Juan Doe
Karl Moline
Kelley Jones
Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin Maguire
Kristen Gudsnuk
Kyle Strahm
Karl Story
Kelley Jones
Kevin Maguire
Kevin Nowland
Keron Grant
Koi Pham
Kyle Higgins
Lela Gwenn
Lewis LaRosa
Louise Siminson


Don’t worry – it’s just a shadow from the gun – James didn’t actually give me a black eye!

Mike McKone – Personalized are free, Non-personalized $10
Michael Cho
Matt Miner
Matt Horak
Mike Mayhew
Mark McKenna
Mike Okamoto
Marc Sumerick
Mike Gustov
Mark Farmer
Mark Schultz
Micheal Conrad
Mike Choi
Mike Norton
Matt Fraction
Marguerite Bennett
Mike Hawthorne
Mark Evanier
Mark Russell
Matt “Batt” Banning
Matt Hawkins
Matt Wagner
Michael Dooney
Michael Lark
Mike & Laura Allred
Mike Baron
Mike Choi
Mike McKone
Mike Perkins
Morry Hollowell
Nei Ruffino
Neil Vokes


Marc Sumerick meets a fan!

Nick Derington
Nick Bradshaw
Nick Dragotta – free, duplicates $5, graded $20P.Craig Russell
Jorge Lucas
Jim Pasco
Phil Hester
Phil Noto
Paul Pelletier
Patricia Martin
Peter Gillis
Peter Kuper
Peter Steigerwald
Phil Jimenez
Phil Ortiz
Philip Moy
Philip Tan
Phil Noto
Pia Guerra
Pop Mhan
Rachael Stott
Raul Allen
Ray Lago
Richard Case
Richard Pini
Rico Renzi
Robert Venditti
Roger Stern
Rick Burchett
Rusty Gilligan – free, and gives away free signed promo cards
Rudy Obrero – Free (may not sign things though)
Russ Braun
Ryan Benjamin
Ryan Gary Browne
Rick Remender
Ron Fortier
Ramon Villalobos
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Rafer Roberts
Steve Leialoha
Steve Mannion
Stephen Sharar
Scott Snyder
Steve McNiven – Free if personalized
Stefano Gaudiano
Stephen T. Seagle
Scott Kolins
Sanford Greene
Sean McKeever
Sean Von Gorman
Shawn McManus
Sorah Suhng
Stefano Gaudiano
Steve Epting
Steve Erwin
Steve Leialoha
Steven Butler
Stuart Immonen – free up to 20
Talent Caldwell
Tana Ford
Tim Seeley
Tom Richmond
Tom Smith67602223_2625952624115811_7500589555540557824_n
Tomeu Morey
Tone Rodriguez
Trevor Hairsine
Tula Lotay
Ty Templeton
Tim Seeley
Tom Mandrake (sometimes a tip jar for Hero Initiative, but not when he was at NEO in 2019)
Tim Bradstreet
Todd DeZago
Tim Truman
Walt Simonson – donations for quick sketches
Will Rosado
Wendy Pini