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Tracy vs Jason!


Despite being a realitvely simple costume (that is, no armor), my reinterpretation of the original and filmation Ghostbusters Ape as a modern Columbia Ghostbuster quickly became one of my favorite suits and ended up showing up a LOT.

Sadly, there’s no way this ends well…



Greatest American Hero Vs Jason(s)


Jason vs Leatherface

bestVsLeatherfaceThis is really a case  I think, of tossing a bunch of stuff out there to see what works. Topps always had mixed results with thier comics and this is one of the more mixed I can think of.

On the surface these two franchise seem somewhat compatable. Silent masked killers, somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, however, the georgraphy is a bit daunting. Texas is nowhere near Crystal Lake (whether it’s in New Jersey, New York or somewhere nearer to Ohio) but somehow they make this find a way.

What really stood out to me in this series is how well thought out things were and how logical it was that Jason would be embraced into the bosom of the murderous TCM family (named “Sawyer” here – curious, because that’s the only reference to any of the sequels we get here).

My biggest problem is actually the Sawyer’s themseves. TCM is hard to translate to comics in the first place and in this they are presented as almost cartoonish, their JasonvsLeatherface02illustrations done one step down from caricature. Jeff Butler is a capable artist who I loved on Mike Baron’s Badger series, but I think he just wasn’t sure what to do here.

Ultimately it feels like a good idea executed poorly. They had a good concept to start off from, but just didn’t know where to go with what is essentially a one-note gag.

Pick this up if you see it in the quarter bins. It’s worth a look for the novelty if nothing else.


Friday the 13th

remakesfriday_the_13th_2009_movie_poster003There so much that’s right about the Friday the 13th remake that almost seems a shame to have to reboot it.  But the really big thing that bugs me about this one is the massive amounts of sex and nudity. I realize these are staples of the franchise, and probably concept behind reboot is to take things up a notch. Really you can take the balance up a notch here but explicit drug use kind of bothers me A bit and the sex and nudity really crosses the line into Softcore porn. Actually they don’t even bother with the borderline they want straight over the border and camp into that territory. Really the only way that I’m comfortable watching this again is on an edited for TV versio.

One thing that really seemed to bother fans here was the way Jason moved. Dereck Meres is a fine stuntman and a good actor in its own right but here I imagine that he was just following direction. This is of course, a new Jason, platinum dunes version, but it’s a distinction I don’t think the casual fans notice. It’s just one of the things that will serve to piss off the faithful.

How do we fix this> First and foremost, bring back Kane Hodder – this is something the fans have been clammering for since Freddy Vs. Jason.  I think the origin bit with the mother straight beginning was well done Jason much like superman and Batman doesn’t need his word story retold again and again,  but tone down the sex to a point where I would be comfortable watching with this son or daughter and to push Jason  more towards body language that the fans (that you’re making this film for by the way) would appreciate more would go along way towards building up goodwill here.

Sadly I think we’re headed in the other direction as the studio seems adamant on releasing a found footage JasonNevertheless we still have the originals and I think I’ll go Pop in Jason x right now .