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Gotham villians


I wanted to try something with my fellow Gotham villians in a Dark Knight style….



CostumeThe weird thing about Batman is this outfit has never been to a convention, never been in a costume contest, never even done Halloween. Still, it’s kind of like the little black dress in every smart woman’s closet.



I’ve saved this mostly for charity events and stuff like that – I even zombified it at one point!

13239359_1176050305747784_2036060774320829229_nBonus – Supergirl punching out the Stay Puft Marshmello man!


Man-at-Arms (part three)


The search for Eternian allies continues. First to the north…


Then into the truly bizarre…..




Man-at-Arms (part two)


When last we left Man-at-Arms, he had boarded the mysterious blue box and gone off in search of allies.

It begins in the northern wastes….


and then into the fiery depths.


Even on Earth (in the most 80’s photo ever)


and in the deepest reaches of space!

maagrimlock maa-trans 122473-transformers-cybertron-transformers-planet-copy

Still more to come!

Suicide Squad

Movie banner13892229_1241366962574391_4816180486414748227_n13900330_1241366639241090_8916467670430048044_nSuicide Squad made me nervous.

No, it’s not the conventional wisdom that DC dosen’t make good movies (but we’ll get to that later….), it really started with the casting of Will Smith as Deadshot.

See, I’m a fan. I remember being intrigued by the ads for SS in the back of my Superman and Star Trek comics in the late 80’s. I remember grabbing nearly half the run out of the fifty cent bins at Astonish! around 1990. I remember buying the Deadshot mini series off the rack at the drug store in 1988 (how did that pass the comics code anyhow? I can’t believe there’s no Mature readers warning on it…) I read both revivals, and it was one of the few titles I actually jumped on board with when the new 52 came around. So what it came down to was if they would capture the feel of the comic – the dynamic that made it work.

Thank God. They did. It’s TOTALLY Suicide squad. It’s chaotic, people die, things go 13906951_1241367802574307_3319605859012466586_nhorribly wrong, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a SS movie. Even Will Smith almost made me forget he all wrong for the role – played it surprisingly low key. HQ was dead on. There was JUST enough Boomerang….I want more next time though. In particular I want to see more squabbling between him and Deadshot – a staple from the comics. The pink Unicorn thing was strange. I wonder if that was part of the reshoots…an afterthough by the producers when following a screening od Deadpool?

El Diablo was surprisingly well developed. Waller was dead on (actually better than her portrayl in green Lantern. I was surprised). I loved EVERY moment of it. But even more astonishingly – my daughter loved every moment of it.

13880216_1241366782574409_5859117813386446360_n13938399_1241366602574427_92859555906020074_nShe thought it was one of the most exciting things she’d ever seen. She was a little peeved about Katana only speaking Japenese, but was still stoked to see her on the screen. She immediatly got the connections to BvS and was super excited to catch that. She though Harley was hilarious. As soon as Enchantress came on the screen she gasped and demanded I make her an enchantress costume.

So why do I feel this sense of Deja Vu?


Listening to SS critics is a lot like standing too close to Black Canary when she screams….

I’ve spent a great deal of this weekend rolling my eyes at the constant negative reviews. I can’t believe these people saw the same movie as I did.  I do think there is some element of Marvel vs DC – particularly on the Critics side. Once again, Rotten Tomatoes is showing high marks on the viewer score and low on the critic score. Interestingly, while a lot of that managed to thoroughly label BvS a flop (despite making well over 800 million – that three times it’s budget folks!) and a bad movie the same stigma isn’t managing to stick quite as well to SS.

From real people, There’s a couple of things I’m hearing consistently. One is about the Joker. I do get this. I really do. I still hate the facial tattoos and the grill on the teeth. But you know what? I actually dig the performance. I said it way back in January “it’s happened in the past that a person’s performance can get you past all of that. It’s what I’m very much hoping for here”. Turns out, that is indeed what we got. 13901335_1241369232574164_7802550710776368507_nLeto’s Joker is creepy and ratchets up the crazy, finally hitting the level I’m used to seeing in the comics. I think a lot of people are holding on to Heath Ledger’s performance. I really do. It’s considered one of the definitive Jokers ever. The fact that I hate it personally, probably helps me let  got a little easier. If the anarchist is what you’re looking for, then yeah, you’ll hate this. If you can’t get past the tats, you’ll hate this. I was skeptical about the cloths myself. In that same article I also wrote “The Joker is supposed to be a dandy, impeccable and unflappable in a crazy sort of way. ” It took a moment, but I realized that this Joker really WAS a dandy. Flamboyant, in a mid 2000’s way – yet just as uninterested in actual fashion as his comic counterpart. In short, he works. I really do encourage you too look past some of the superficial here. There’s actually a LOT to like about this Joker.

T13921087_1241366902574397_8634667013700967366_nhe other main complaint I consistently hear is that it’s too confusing. I have a problem with  this because I wasn’t confused at all. I liked having a couple of quickie short films at the beginning to introduce us to the skwad as Waller flips through the files. In fact, I like it WAY better than taking up half a movie with an origin story. I couldn’t understand how this was confusing. Sam Stutler suggested to me that “maybe it’s  because the story was so enmeshed in the medium. (like say, Watchmen)”. I’m not sure I agree with this. While the tone really did skew close to SS (this is NOT a superhero movie guys. It’s not Avengers on with bad guys – it’s something else entirely), it’s not t13891969_10155054742585744_4761113129915353450_nhe comic book. You can see the writers read the comics though….there’s a great moment with Captain Boomerang and Slipknot that is pulled STRAIGHT out of one of the earliest issues. It’s nearly word for word and uses the exact same characters. I squeeled like a little girl.

I think my friend Jen put it into better perspective for me.  She claimed there seemed like too much you were expected to know going in. “There’s too many mones where it’s just like ‘you know…’. No! I don’t know!”. It could be that my familiarity with the characters blinds me to this. We’re living in an age where Harley Quinn is univerally known, and Deadshot isn’t far behind. But she may be right. I’m used to this story structure. Do the mission get time off, or get released outright. Squad is

This scene does not appear in the film. BUT IT SHOULD!

This scene does not appear in the film. BUT IT SHOULD!

expendable. Wander off get your hand or later on head) blown off. I got the visual ques right away, maybe some of this stuff wasn’t spelled out enough. erhaps that stuff should have been in the commercials instead of the quirky music and “worst heroes ever” tagline.

Still, despite the confusion, a lot of those folks seemed to like the movie just on the strength of it’s bright chaotic action strenghts alone – and that’s a good sign that DC is on the right track, no matter what the critics say.

As far as I’m concerned, this was the best film I’ve seen all year.


Oh by the way, John Ostrander – the creator of Amanda Waller and writer on that original run of SS in the 80’s as well as Writer of Stuff Peter David and director/comic writer Kevin Smith  all thought it was pretty dope as well…..
(warning, strong language abounds)

Suicide Squad – more promos


will-smith-deadshot-costume-suicide-squad-movieI so, really, REALLY want to like this. Deadshot is all wrong (and was always my favorite character of the squad) but everyone else looks good and the pose is brilliant….It’s like having a loose tooth you know? You keep wiggling it because it hurts and feels good at the same time, and you really want to have it out, but know it’s going to be a mother ripping that thing out of your head.

And that’s really the thing about all of this that bothers me. They did such a good job on so many of these characters. They really did. Even Deadshot actually looks very good…as long as he keeps that mask on, but the thing is, Deadshot is way more than a mask. There’s a huge amount of character there, and it’s not the character type that Will Smith plays. I know, I sound like I’m being picky, oversensitive, overfocusing. You have to understand, I’ve wanted a Deadshot film since 1989. It’s always been that important to me and now that I’m getting one, it has the worst casting since Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.


3E2ci5JThen there’s also the Joker. Yeah, I’m one of those guys that can’t get past the tattoos. Actually it’s just the ones on his face.

Now, it’s happened in the past that a person’s performance can get you past all of that. It’s what I’m very much hoping for here, because it’s indicative of there personality we are supposed to be getting from him and it bothers me a bit. The Joker is supposed to be a dandy, impeccable and unflappable in a crazy sort of way. This appearance is a little too gansta thug and it bothers me. It’s like an itch at the very base of my brain that I just can’t quite scratch.

But again, what makes it so frustrating is how good the rest of this film and this cast looks, and how well they seem to have captured the rest of this gang, both in appearance and in swagger.


008.jpgI dig the look they have for Harley. It’s an evolution on the kind of slutty Harley they’ve been going towards in the comics, but then again, I wouldn’t really look at this as her “costume” but rather just the clothes she basically woke up in . I can get behind that.

Capitan Boomerang. I can’t say enough about how much i love both the look and the casting. If you want to talk about a character that I’m almost as invested in as Deadshot – there it is. Digger is a bright side to look on if there ever was one.


BronzeTiger.jpgKatana looks great here. A perfect take on the new 52 version, through I can’t for the life of me understand what she’s doing here- she hasn’t been a part of this group in any incarnation ,though I suspect she’s fulfilling Vixen’s comic book role of “trouble heroine looking for redemption”. Indeed, when I look at this picture here and think of her filling the absent Vixen’s dynamic it makes me wonder if Will Smith’s Deadshot isn’t really meant to fill the role of Bronze Tiger, also a troubled hero (once a villain, now trying to make up for his past). The way he’s right over Katana’s shoulder and the warm, almost regretful tone he speaks in the trailer really makes me wonder. Both Bronze Tiger and Vixen were core members of the original team, they were very much it’s heart and it’s conscience. Those roles are essential in a team like this, but those names are even more unknown than a lot of the rest of the team. From a marketing standpoint it would make sense to roll Tiger and Deadshot up into one character (even if it frustrates me to no end…)suicide-squad

Great casting on Croc, and even El Diablo has a very interesting look, again, not sure who is making the choices for the line up, but I’m all for the roster here.

I’m impressed with the marketing here. It looks like DC is taking a page from Marvel’s book and building this up much the same way Marvel did Guardian’s of the Galaxy. I hope it works for them. While both were fairly unknown properties with only minimal name recognition going for them, Guardians had fun and space opera working for them, where as this film has a nihilistic edge and gritty action feel to it – very different kinds of movies. At the time, Marvel also had already proven itself as a studio brand – you knew what kind of film you were going to with a Marvel movie. DC and Legendary pictures hasn’t quite established itself yet, and what little identity it has, is very serious and grim.

I’m on the edge of my seat. I really am. I don’t know whether to cheer or kvetch. But on thing is for sure, I’ll be there to see the movie in August.


NEO Comic Con

ConmanNEO banner11880465_10207427621193111_5227363148579864774_n

I’d really love to tell you all about NEO Comicon. The problem is, I wasn’t paying attention. I spent much of the con with friends and didn’t snap a single picture – so some of the details are more background….but let’s rewind a  bit.

I got there late, and was shocked to find the place was packed. I mean, PACKED – they got over 1700 visitors, nearly twice the amount they were expecting and even halfway into the show the joint was jumping. I found this surprising because as I was driving in, I saw just as many cars leaving the con as I saw coming into it.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. The promoters did an amazing job of getting online buzz  and word-of-mouth going. Even that first year at Akron Comicon (a bigger show than this mind you) I don’t think I saw this same level of awareness. It sure did seem like everyone I knew was going to this.

I was coming directly from Church, so there was no way I’d be doing a long, involved makeup like the Thing (which I feel a little bad about considering my Thing costume was actually 11863293_1021250464586043_2562674986638811197_nfeatured in Scene Magazine’s promo for the show….) but I still wanted something a little more interesting than my standard go-to of the Shadow. I decided to pull out my old Doctor Octopus costume – an outfit I haven’t worn in over four years – not since my first time out at Lake Effect Comicon. I made a couple of upgrades this time around as well, extending the upper arms and adding claws to them – claws that really snap and grab. Nothing was more fun that noticing someone looking at the arms then suddenly snapping the claws at them and watching people jump.

As soon as I entered the dealers room I found my friends in the nearest corner and ended up hanging out with them for most of the rest of the show (and then swiping a bunch of thier photos for the blog). They immediately put me to use using me as a battering ram through the throngs of people – you remember that scene in Spider-Man 2 with Doc Ock parting the crowd in the train? Yeah, that was the idea.

3723431-0774789316-spideAs we passed through the con I noticed that there actually was a panel  going on. This was something unexpected. No schedule was posted and I had no idea  that there was going to be  ANY programming. I did know there was no costume contest, but the con did let cosplayers in free which shows they really do value us  and the walking, talking atmosphere we provide far more than the extra $3.00 they might make from thier admission fee. I would have liked to see more 11870799_10206146137111227_6927026301227771022_nprogramming (I spend two weekends a year at this hotel for Cinema Wasteland. There’s another room on the ground floor that wasn’t being used and could easily have been turned into a screening room of some sort) and for the existing programming to be better advertised, but the fact that they had anything at all really does show that they want a quality con.

It was bigger than I expected, with every inch of the dealer’s room packed. Very good vendors, not to mention fun tables  as well – the cast of from “TRACE : A Doctor Who Fan Film” along with the Tardis and 2 Weeping Angels were there in the center of it all, providing the best photo op anywhere in the show. Prop makers, not to mention a full size RC R2D2 in one booth, Jango Fett in  carbonite, and some great Comic creators. I stuffed a bag full of back issues, grabbing more of that Gambit series I’ve always meant to get to, as well as more Guides to the Marvel universe (I’ve got a thing for reference books). Look in the background – you’ll see me digging through long boxes with all four arms…..

11891211_877703205611520_2929705278904078324_nCrowded aisles, and some logistical errors, but all in all a very strong first year. A great deal that the promoters can learn from this  first turn out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a different venue next year (they’ve mentioned either this or expanding to more areas of the Holiday inn) and add some more events. They’ve already mentioned adding a costume contest . There’s certainly big ambitions here and with such an impressive beginning I can see them improving on the model for next year.

11863283_505311272961392_4564675375400570694_n 11900040_506125502879969_1499001092771149878_n11885391_10200971256639763_7446747397468262119_n11000546_1616762565271691_5784735707527116784_n - Copy 11180635_10103652966812254_8232115381334573554_n - Copy 11855862_506125439546642_2942946478640713867_n - Copy 11870817_10206178242748904_6662368563421206410_n - Copy 11870906_10206146135591189_2691841664815707226_n - Copy11887923_507501082742411_727651429216824186_n11903970_507500832742436_1445186462242523390_n11885702_507500829409103_7834963666723952184_o11933442_507488692743650_8599227107659653809_n11866498_507488699410316_2786775454968163293_n11880828_1643686269204799_592084339_n11214366_10204751236201479_3747897128839189078_n 11870907_1031105870263462_3046500678811960425_n - Copy 11873551_10206146131231080_6620746480865371538_n - Copy11911773_1643685035871589_628903789_n 11200760_10153626161841579_2937371090531195166_n11889553_507488259410360_5318874652281950638_n11863262_507488239410362_5112281380795779054_n11880494_507488082743711_8947766046982269641_n11887894_507487976077055_2210126149172980608_n11899748_507487949410391_5610894750717790621_n11891133_507487899410396_3327099155079909894_n11873628_10206146131151078_2829973444596865057_n - Copy11038007_507488632743656_366005514950890373_n11822629_507487862743733_776662016728949633_n11898686_507487839410402_5383672566127640765_n11933409_507487832743736_2920308010624482429_n11866504_507487766077076_8360890139734156624_n11870905_507487689410417_265889413093339570_n11889645_507487652743754_7976863871401452744_n11892049_507487626077090_2455785341820920611_n11934993_507487619410424_4692031491159610622_n11891188_507487586077094_4694642638309295776_n11880427_507487562743763_4103865868001635840_n11891257_507487526077100_5804595046719327875_n11892278_507487486077104_6939135203242227922_n11891190_1068841676473258_7794720542159422149_n11873786_1068359139854845_6550851973345044060_n11885081_10206235088448437_8904051443715977780_n16479_10200971257999797_5117224781865634066_n11855819_10200971256479759_8899122794660198763_n 11880690_1031185540255495_4303122165190901760_n - Copy 11887931_10204336074592113_8888003510550169932_n - Copy 11898831_506125472879972_1623291477124895823_n - Copya11866369_10204750293617915_7251892085495254219_n 11903826_10207530748330017_3870618297080864166_n - Copy11889551_507486796077173_9189861198546126693_n11892064_507486536077199_5954806166809757931_n11059948_507486549410531_3846537646181545821_n11899797_507486109410575_3551864967657519557_n11896079_507486066077246_7782705369556435837_n11923621_507487126077140_8632703833071083139_n11896143_875279819232749_4665623573876861647_n11873368_875279275899470_3727995366792823887_n11855725_875279019232829_776913664441175406_n11904684_875278629232868_2521970412320247349_n11903840_875278479232883_1702219630228909297_n11890999_875278459232885_2720135341679395472_n11231202_875278372566227_6292489269328193582_n11846698_875277589232972_8434024519988548174_n11892153_875276979233033_8670454917092138538_n11866297_875275332566531_4524190889754112895_n11887930_875275185899879_3371216425925755264_n11892069_875274559233275_2983938767214149498_n11889706_875272179233513_5679904341587179205_n11870673_875269629233768_6415516809938366593_ndphqdo 11903850_1031185596922156_1531926100003652369_n - Copy 11903913_506125462879973_3166113135157504401_n1499445_10205998990068676_8670409422797163847_n 11903934_506125529546633_7644495938369234441_n - Copy 11903942_1031185470255502_3341022397718670922_n - Copy 11220061_10153626128121579_3589723512829699975_n11891029_10200971285280479_3342492755683927915_n11879185_10153626200376579_1064129897354949941_o11900070_10200971274240203_3262973359528840122_n11870819_10100339232777128_4438474262839551540_n11904106_10206146130431060_8574141136809339679_n11896025_1023191501058606_3815274433448116324_n

Geekfest 2015


I almost wish that this had been the first con I took my kids to. It’s a 11046883_870505629696347_4447852656717970403_ngreat primer on con life, while being inexpensive – free admission and parking, very few vendors, while still having some real local talents like Thom Zhaler there for people to meet.

It’s very much the idea of a comicon as seen through the eyes of a Library with a lot of activites for the kids, crafts and games and handouts. Lydia was debuting her new Harley Quinn outfit and was distressed that I had forgotten her mask at home, but never fear, one of the craft stations was a mask making activity and both she and Maddie made themselves masks. Odd, I think Poison Ivy looks good in a mask….


The highlight for me was the live Doctor Who performance by the Overlord Media Group which featured 9 and 10, along wiht the War Doctor and Captian Jack, as well as a female Captian Jack (Jill) and the perkiest Dalek you’ve ever met.  They are trying to fix a time paradox caused by Rose who was still trying to find the Doctor…Everyone was perfect and the entire thing was fun from start to finish.  Clocking in at half an hour my daughters didn’t even get fidgety.


Geekfest is a huge cosplay event, especially with  teenagers. While 11695865_1012573048787118_6533438551950881638_nthe kids dress up as everything under the sun and adults lean towards comics, I notice a heavy anime influence in the teen division of the costume contest (which had at least twice as many entries as either the adult or kids). It keeps things interesting and diverse -and again, it’s a very Library kind of con. Speaking of cosplay, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this AMAZING troll that entered with a head made mostly out of Great Stuff – the same stuff I made my Thing feet and Groot costume out of. It’s stuff like this that starts to give me ideas….

For a Library event, this thing is huge and always well run, this year boasting a game room, an art show and multiple panels, along with a media room showing Superhero TV shows as well as a food stand outside. They call themselves a Mini-Con, but this event is as big as quite a few of the full fledged comicons I attend and they certainly deserve the name, and I’m interested in seeing what they come up with next year!

18308_402445029941548_1330701623160139700_n 10984136_402445423274842_5390423959126584276_n 10986662_402445716608146_679225820247563305_n 11745508_402443809941670_5453994974765803659_n 11752110_402445896608128_302167126056690763_n 11753676_402445799941471_1281612710022063782_n 11760127_402444549941596_6638404178614617134_n 11760260_402443129941738_1934111947434089606_n 11796194_402445073274877_2376410587824651645_n

11703055_10206292044293792_2343045209306232676_n 11753288_10206292044933808_1735779324896611632_n 11753680_842983292421617_5967906215671717956_n 11755794_10206292049453921_7265721035004611716_n 11796362_10206292050293942_7656021039799371770_n

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11058321_870506479696262_6475000256075525124_n 11058321_1012575538786869_6991944922601150485_n 11143416_10206283711125468_4499879667538650147_n 11200783_1012574575453632_739858766706609860_n 11162507_1012573292120427_1435925213537733104_n 11145144_870506573029586_7034161433505644209_n 11201501_1012573115453778_88478623413688265_n 11202105_1012576065453483_8199627084417909767_n 11207290_864578376968408_2459713726816875599_n 11218927_1012576325453457_7977337978624293278_n 11216706_829879138911_3619939356813762303_n 11209709_870507209696189_1657198123802995179_n 11218948_1012572858787137_3327797457772995487_n 11220140_870506129696297_1567569479256246811_n 11225448_1012575655453524_6256242974626143517_n 11223492_1012574335453656_8815483270912240730_n 11223329_870506133029630_6525840453664804534_n 11225448_1012575938786829_2626074089565121441_n 11227906_10153364632358280_8322226867335728632_n 11229697_745616695561144_6335055189646280792_n 11694078_870505883029655_8111668683607696575_n 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Today at the Akron-Summit County Public Library

(60 S High St, Akron, Ohio 44326) We’ll be there for what they’re calling a mini-con; a very good description for this event.  The fun begins at noon and goes until four. Admission is free and last year they had crafts, art, performers  and costume events (check out our write up  – ). It’s really a marvelous event for families and possibly the most suited for my girls of all the cons I take them to!
We’re dressing up, Lydia has  a new costume and Maddie finally has the sidekick she’s always wanted.
Gotham City Villians
Today, the Bat doesn’t stand a chance.